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SHENZHEN | Hisense South Headquarters Building | 150m | 492ft | 34 fl | Com

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Project Name: Hisense South Headquarters Building (tentative name)
Developer: Hisense South Limited Base Location: J-04 plots the seafront road east, west south Venture Road, the center of the road. Transportation: Metro Line 2 project from Dengliang station less than 400 meters, close to the planned line 5, the property belongs to the double subway. Surrounding roads smooth, suitable for travel. Project Location The project is positioned as a super high-rise office buildings International Business Class 5A, will play Hisense building PRD, is expected to invest 1.39 billion yuan. Hisense South headquarters building when completed will become the center of Shenzhen, Houhai district headquarters base landmarks. Future, Hisense Group headquarters will be settled in the South Tower, Hisense Group to co-ordinate all branch operations south of the Yangtze River. Hisense Group to further enhance the influence in the south through the projects. Combined with economic requirements under the premise of the project, architectural design with distinctive characteristics of the times, fully reflects the level of development in the 21st century high-tech building. Target market of the project in addition to the company under the jurisdiction of Hisense Group occupied, the other is the recognition of the regional value customers, Hisense brand identity, identity projects targeting high-end customers. Clients include international, national, local customers in Hong Kong and Shenzhen. Office rental to long-term customer-oriented, with a strong reputation of such customers in the industry. Technical and economic indicators 1. Technical and economic indicators Site Area: 4322 square meters. Total floor area: 80,000 square meters. Total gross floor area (total floor area ratio): 63,800 square meters. Building height limit: 150 m floor area ratio: 14.76 greening rate: 20%. . . . The bottom of the podium is not more than 18 meters, single no more than 6 meters, more than six meters by two-count area, located south and west ground floor arcade, depth 3.6 m above the tower height limit of 150 meters; . . . 6.7 program evaluation: March 15 6.8 Announcement of the Winners: March 18 , Hisense South Headquarters Building, the headquarters is located in Shenzhen Nanshan District, the heart of the sea. The total construction area of 85,000 square meters, floor area ratio of 14.76, tower height of 150 meters. Project tower using plate layout, to take full advantage of the north-south landscape resources. Architectural style reference wave elements, combined with the soft curves of the Hanging Gardens of design, echoing the city's main interface and the best landscape surface, Shenzhen reflect regional characteristics, show Hisense business temperament. First floor of the building into the city, through the huge overhead space, and north and south through the lobby, the north and south sides of the line linking the landscape and the people, to provide an open and comfortable shared space



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Wow, this is a really nice looking project. Maybe you could resize some of the pictures so they're easier to see; thanks for sharing!
Classic International Style, but with an Expressionist twist. Nice design.
Small, but very nice project compared to the giants in this city. :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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