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SHENZHEN | Shekou Approach Redevelopment Projects | 46 fl | 46 fl | 43 fl | 42 fl | Com

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Project Description:

The total land area: 29165.65 m2 Total floor area: 316,734 m2 floor area ratio meter building area: 235,821 m2 floor area ratio: 7.5 Construction Scale: The project Demolition land area of 36836m2, construction area of transformation 29164m2, total construction area of approximately 304730m2, of which the ground floor area of 218730m2, underground commercial area of 6000m2, underground parking and equipment room construction area of about 80000m2. Project proposed three 42-storey residential building, a 46-story residential building villagers, a 46-story apartment villagers, a 23-storey apartment villagers and a 43-story commercial office building. Building height: Living ≤ 150m, apartments ≤ 150m, office ≤ 180m. The project is located in Shenzhen, China Merchants Shekou, Nanshan District, West Water Village (southeast Nanhai Avenue, Approach Road, Liyuan Road and Prince Edward Road encirclement plots). Project near Sea World and Nanshan Park, close to Metro Line 2 inlets station exit, convenient location at the heart of the city, the traffic. Shekou, Shenzhen is the most international atmosphere of living area, the project is surrounded by numerous high-end residential villas and traditional residential area. Approach 1979 project will be a new design concept aims to create a new set of business, residential and shopping complex construction activities, thereby activating the urban vitality surrounding area. With new design ideas to create a new public Shekou, commercial, entertainment and leisure environments. Continuation of the project in the design of streets and squares and other elements in Shekou. The scale and atmosphere pleasant street naturally extends to the central square in the commercial interior. Commercial Plaza in the center of the handle through the outdoor architecture and landscape, rendering the effect of outdoor commercial plaza, showing the unique leisure Shekou business characteristics. In connection Merchants Road and Liyuan Road pedestrian street and commercial center Plaza, through modern architectural design approach, with modern technological equipment, to create an international standard leisure and shopping center, reflects the pioneering spirit of the Village water. Link --- Commercial contacted Liyuan Road Pedestrian Street and Merchants Road, activate the urban space; contact the Metro subway tunnels of various functions within the project and give full play to the advantages of the subway value, creating a convenient lifestyle; story platform and three floor corridor contacted the flow of future projects in and around the ground, creating a diversified, multi-dimensional urban space. --- People gather in the central square courtyard, there is the beautiful landscaping, a variety of dining and entertainment distribution which is the heart of the project. Pleasant Street --- spatial scales, sunny outdoor cafes, chic green pieces, reflecting the strong business casual neighborhood atmosphere. Garden --- podium garden, Descented, Center Plaza, sky gardens and a series of different heights, different characteristics of the garden into a green natural environment in Shekou.

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Nice project. I would love to know how many 100m+ and how many 150m+ buildings there are in Shenzhen at the moment and how many under construction.
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