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SHENZHEN | Shenzhen Jinling Holiday Homes Building | 150m | 492ft | Com

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Client: Shenzhen, Shenzhen Property Group · Imperial Properties Limited
Location: Futian District, Shenzhen
Land area: 1.26hm2
Area ratio: 10.27
Building Area: 172,400 m2
Building Height: 150m
Main features: apartment
Design competition: the successful implementation of the program
Jinling apartment exhausted from north to south landscape resources, the effect will be to maximize the land and conform Huangyuyuan early planning texture, and then to add a unique landscape Binhedadao.
In single people-oriented design, to fully exploit the intrinsic value of the largest plots; the details, do the "inside" and "outside", "clean" and "dirty", "master" and "off" strict separation, mutual do not interfere.
Body mass transport through the vertical transverse to the plate residential segment, so visually reduce wide. Cored pick empty ends, in the east of the top 两栋 Cored subtraction processing, the narrow gap between the aspect ratio of the tower, creating fluctuations in the underlying continuous overhead space. Apartment tower using two glass walls bite each other, overlapping up the form at the top deliberately overstating the effect of enriching the top dynamic skyline.

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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