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SHENZHEN | Tian'an Cloud Valley | 200m+ | App

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On gaoloumi they expect up to 1x250m and 4x200m. The 200m+ towers would be constructed in the latest phases.

Developer: Tian'an Investments
Architect: MAO + Atkins

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On-going phases. By f1220614

Just another day in Shenzhen..Mindblowing projects everywhere
awesome project
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This one is not dead, they were just busy with the first lowrise phases.

It remains unclear whether they'll build some >200m tower or not. According to the GLM thread they expect 1x250m and 4x200m (no sources, nothing).

This old render by Capol shows 2x200. Low expectations from my side, but still some hope for a >200m

Some early stages already completed. May 2022 by charleszh31
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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