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SHENZHEN | Vanke Plaza Shopping Mall | 160m | 525ft | 150m x 3 | 492ft x 3 | Com

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Vanke Plaza Shopping mall: a total construction area of nearly 110,000 square by the global leader in integrated body design featuring designs Callison, covering shopping, entertainment, dining, etc. format, positioning international, boutique, fashion, trends.
  Vanke Building:
  Lung Cheung Road, is located in Longgang, Longgang unique seamless connections bistatic double-track main road of Grade A office space, double low-e coated glass hollow, about 400 square meters of luxurious lobby, 11.5 meters high design, High ground with natural stone, open and comfortable 4 meters high. Ultra-high first floor elevator hall, with high-grade stone. Tianyu · International Residence:
  Sam Tung mansion is located in Longgang Town CBD core, 150 meters high, the use of standard office LOW-E insulating glass. Dual lobby design, high-ceilinged lobby, first floor home 11 meters, 5th Floor, high-ceilinged lobby outside the mall splitting six meters, three ladder four configurations. American DW design team tailored 38000 square garden; nearly 600 square meters of swimming pools, including adult swimming area, a children's swimming area and automatic massage pool area. Fully functional children's play area, cast 180m ² safety mats. Two main push 127-155 units.


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