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Shenzhen whispered: Am I enought to call a world class city?

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Although I am still very young, but I am one of the most developing city in the world. I have change from a village to a metropolis with nearly 10,000,000 populations within only 30 years. I want to be a city like Hong Kong or Singapore, my favorite was high technology and innovation. My aim is to be a world pioneer city ….

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Horribe urban planning, look that cbd, it's completely isolated.
shenzhen is far from being a world class city,A world class city needs libraries, univercities and museums , rather than skyscrapers.
shenzhen is far from being a world class city,A world class city needs libraries, univercities and museums , rather than skyscrapers.
They have those. But those element still don't make it world class. For now Shenzhen is still under the shadows of Hong Kong or Guangzhou.
shenzhen is far from being a world class city,A world class city needs libraries, univercities and museums , rather than skyscrapers.
Shenzhen actually has a population of 14 million now. IN the 1990s even among Chinese it had a reputation for being a bit of a frontier town, rife with urban growing problems and tacky buildings. However in true Shenzhen accelerated style the city's had a big makeover as it steps up nearer to true global city status (its the richest city in China but still has a big inferiority complex with neighbouring Hong Kong). Basically it went from a town of 30,000 to a city of 3 million in less than 10 years - then added another 10 million people in the ten years after that (making it double the size of neighbouring Hong Kong), with the infrastructure to go with it:

Many thanx to Zorg,

Shenzhen Stock Exchange

Shenzhen Museum of Contemporary Art:

Shenzhen CTS Towers:

Kingkey Tower park:

Century Center:

Shenzhen International Airport: next 3: next 3:

Shenzhen International Finance (ESB for scale, photo taken from the hoarding):

Dafen Art Museum:

Shenzhen University: and

Shenzhen Library,

Shenzhen Stadium for 2011 Universidade:

Avic Plaza: and

He Xiangning Art Museum

Huaqiang Plaza:

Bluetooth Crystal


Shenzhen Free Arts Zone, in disused warehouse district: and

OCT Art Terminal:,

Shenzhen East Plaza

Shenzhen Metro expansion,

Shenzhen Metro HQ:

eco friendly 'horizontal skyscraper' with 'explicit environmental features', the Vanke Center:,

Shenzhen Museum next 3

Fukuda Center

Shenzhen CBD

Shenzhen Station

Tencent HQ

More projects:

Shenzhen Sheraton construction pics

Shenzhen Museum of Contemporary Art

Tomorrow Plaza

Unknown, emerging Chinese style imo

Great China Tower

Shenzhen Garden Expo

Fairy Lake Botanical Gardens,,

East Pacific Center

Hon Kwok Center (by SOM)

Xinghe Group 300m Twin Towers.
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Amazing projects. I defintely need to go there and bring my camera!!!

Most of my friends go to Shenzen for a massage and cheaper shopping but the new architecture is amazing.
This picture was taken in Guangzhou as you can see the entrance of the Grand Mall in guangzhou, at the day where Olympic torch arrived at Guangzhou

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They have those. But those element still don't make it world class. For now Shenzhen is still under the shadows of Hong Kong or Guangzhou.
I agree. HongKong and Guangzhou both have top universities, hundreds of big hospitals and embassy while Shenzhen doesn't have any of them.

I believe Shenzhen will be a high tech center like Silicon Valley, but it won't be a world class city like NY, Paris, London in the next 50 years, unless it merges into Hongkong.
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Amazing how a city can grow so fast in such a short periode. Nice pictures :)
Wow, the development of the chinese cities is incredible!
The growth of the city in such a short time is a really cool phenomenon for Shenzhen, but I've heard mixed things about the environmental impacts. :eek:hno:

Wow!!! We can see that SHENZHEN More "Futurustic & Modern" than LONDON or PARIS ..........

There's no Linked Hybrid in Shenzhen, its in BEIJING!!!
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A very impressive amount of architecture, both old and new. I am surprised though how so many Chinese cities seem to be able to highlight so many of their buildings by lighting the outside at night. I certainly think that they are often beautiful but is it really wise. I mean the energy drain must be tremendous and not to mention how it affects migatory birds. I know Minneapolis is one of handful in North America that has a voluntary group of highrise building owners that turn off their accent lighting at night. Also I saw a picture above that showed something of a "metro expansion". Just what type of metro system or systems do you have. I'd hate to think with all this modernization in China that China would want to emmulate the United States in it's auto-centric transportational options.
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China's creating the worlds largest mass transit/ public transport systems at the mo'^. As one lobby of the govt well promotes car ownership, coal fired power stations and industrial pollution, another powerful lobby understands there lies no economic future for China (or the planet) if the country emulates American style lifestyles, the fastest growing and most profitable arm of the regime now being the green lobby. And notoriously ruthless too, kicking out industry from the megacities thus laying off millions of workers, and forcing in legislation of x amount of green space per person in x vicinity - thus bulldozing swathes of old (and new) development for parkland. It also has been reforresting the country with 97% of the land affected to plant the largest project of its kind ever, enough native regional trees to cover the state of California, at a cost of $10 billion, alongside its Green Wall campaign trying to stem the ever encroaching growth of the northern deserts.

It is currently creating the strictest green laws in the world (pressured with 51,000 demonstrations last year on pollution)- and some of the best working laws (in light of 1 million demonstrations last year on industrial matters). However its biggest hurdle is not just the economic capitalist-get-rich-quick lobby but the corruption, complaining that 90% of its laws are unenforced. For this it relies on grass-roots eco groups for reporting polluting factories and construction etc, of which there are an estimated 500,000, but still some factories get away, and the cars keep coming - but things are slowly changing. At the moment the country, still well in the throes of its latest industrial revolution, sees 5.8% of its GDP lost every year to environmental matters and problems, not to mention the disruptive affect on a people increasingly likely to protest the regime. Thus the govt is setting aside $200 billion a year for the environment to "build an ecological civilization", with 30% reduction in water consumption and 10% in pollution in the next two years alone.

It also builds its underground and overground rail networks in competition to the car lobby, and pouring billions of $ into it.

Shanghai alone is building the worlds largest metro in one go, currently having a daily ridership of 2.5 million on 8 lines but is expanding to 18 lines. This is mirrored in every Chinese megacity: Chongqing, Wuhan, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanjing, and smaller cities from Dalian, Harbin, Xian, Chengdu, Suzhou, Hangzhou etc.

There is something like 9000km under construction in 31 cities, with plans for much more.
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