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The city of Shkodër is one of the most important cities in Albania
It is 2400 years old city , one of the oldest in Europe
During the Ottoman years it had the biggest Market in the Balkans
It is a city rich in culture and tradition
Located in North-Western Albania , it makes up of over 100.000 inhabitants :)
Because it is a northern city , it hasnt progressed as it should , so is way behind Tirana and Durrës
Here are some photos

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They're all great Sarajka!
Where did you get all these photo's from? (and those from Tirana and other cities)
Oh albaniafoto! lol how stupid of me *blush*
Very nice pictures! Shkoder has a lot to show off:)
Yeah and lots of other things too...but it doesn't matter what one person thinks about a town...i bet people in Shkodar are more friendlier than people in Tirana, and coz lakerdar is from Shkodar and 7t from Tirana...well it says a lot:D
^^Yes exactly....Shkodar reminds me of Bitola, because Bitola too is a very historical and culturally rich city than Skopje. Money was invested in Bitola to renew some of the older buildings which it has a lot of, and it's just a charm of a city, (though from what i hear, the suburbs could do with some renewing too) i think if the same is done with Shkodar, it will be the same!
lol Realek:p
Shkodra is really pretty from these photos:)!
lol yeah it is:p I wish i could do military type training like that...that means i'll have to join the army which i don't want to!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts