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The city of Shkodër is one of the most important cities in Albania
It is 2400 years old city , one of the oldest in Europe
During the Ottoman years it had the biggest Market in the Balkans
It is a city rich in culture and tradition
Located in North-Western Albania , it makes up of over 100.000 inhabitants :)
Because it is a northern city , it hasnt progressed as it should , so is way behind Tirana and Durrës
Here are some photos

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some churches in albania were among the first to be built in the world. in ad 58 christinaity became religion of the province illiricum. there are churches that date back roman times in became the first country to accept christinisnity in Europe and the world and we also became the first country in Europe to accept Islam. i think.
this city has long history. it was capital of illyrian kigdom 2500 years ago.
well it wasn't a country but a province of roman empire. my bad.
i heard there was a bicycle tour that was opened there. this city has so much potential for tourism. so much history and culture in just one street there.
here's a new panaroma shot. as you can see thinkgs are being fixed here as well. and it seems the color of Tirana is starting to spread.

that was the case of huge migrations after 1990's but not at the moment. most of the original "shkodrans" have left the city and the populatoin now is very uneducated. mostly farmers from north of shkoder have moved into the city. it has lost its charms cause of that but I hope it can still be fixed.
well if the intellects had remained they would have fixed the city. Still though I'm sure it will all get better in the near future. My brother went to the city last summer and he told me the streets are being fixed. everything is being paved and they had water and electricity 24/7. so everything was heading in the right direction and I will probably go there next summer and i'm going to buy a 500 gigabyte flash card and nice digital camera and take pictures of Lezha, Shkodra, Kukes, Tropoja, the beaches of Shengjin and Velipoje. Thats pretty much northern Albania because we get so few pictures from there.
from what i know things have been getting better already. roads are strating to be paved and utilties are being fixed. i'm sure it'll get better soon.
i don't care about the look of th ecity. it can be the ugliest city in the world as long as the living standards rise.
there was no census in Albania since 1991. or am i wrong here?
satellite image of shkoder taken on 2003
can't shkodra be the "shkodra of the balkans"???
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