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The city of Shkodër is one of the most important cities in Albania
It is 2400 years old city , one of the oldest in Europe
During the Ottoman years it had the biggest Market in the Balkans
It is a city rich in culture and tradition
Located in North-Western Albania , it makes up of over 100.000 inhabitants :)
Because it is a northern city , it hasnt progressed as it should , so is way behind Tirana and Durrës
Here are some photos

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i like the city of shkodra but i feel sorry because of the socialist government shkodra hasnt seen any investment and the economy is very critical. hopefully now with the democratic party winning shkodra and the north will see more investment. great city though one of the oldest in europe....

btw i hope you guys know about the legend rozafa of the castle??


pics taken from shkodranja at forumishqiptar
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