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The city of Shkodër is one of the most important cities in Albania
It is 2400 years old city , one of the oldest in Europe
During the Ottoman years it had the biggest Market in the Balkans
It is a city rich in culture and tradition
Located in North-Western Albania , it makes up of over 100.000 inhabitants :)
Because it is a northern city , it hasnt progressed as it should , so is way behind Tirana and Durrës
Here are some photos

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thats because the change to democracy has fucked up albanias cities alot. there's no funds. the late 80's photos look much much better than the 2003 photos.
ye that will be after another 20 years.
well shkodra is the last city to get government assistence. it always goes against authority. lol. they awlays vote for the party that loses. lol
^^ lol true. some pay though. i think majority pay but still alot don't.
eagle_al do you know if they finished building the new mosque there. i've seen it under construction for two years i think. i wanna see the fiinshed product. i hope it has some architechtural value.

velipoja beach:

i heard this place has turned into a party in itself these past summers.
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here's a little history on the architecture of this city in case anyone is interested. the buildings were based on venetian design. Albanian architect from Shkodra Kole Idromeno (1860-1939) that studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, once back to his hometown (beginnings of 20th Century) planed and designed these houses in venetian style.

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lol ye i'm talking about the tourists. i'm sorry i'm out of it. it's halloween :D

btw why do you like shkodra more then tirana?
thanks for the kind words friend :). i hope so too. i don't see this happening in the immediate future though.
well thats cause Shkoder is 2400 year old city and Tirana is the new kid on the block :D. either way you're right. i think you would agree that Shkoder offers much more then Tirana in terms of visually appealing architecture as it has been an important city in shaping Albanian culture. Tirana only in the 20th century became important so it has no life or history imo.

ps. i wish i was in shkoder now, i wouldn't mind having to show you around. although the city is not that great for tourists yet, if you visit all of Albania you should spend a day or two here just for the history. other then that don't expect amazing nightlife. the beach west of the city called velipoja has amazing nightlife i heard in the summers. the road connecting shkoder and the beach has been reconstructed so the trip wont be hard on you. you can probably enjoy some of the scenery along the way as it's a 30km trip (i know crazy). you can also try swimming in the lake as it's much much closer. ask somebody to go to Shirok, but it will hurt your feet tho lol. the lake bed is all rock but the water is amazingly warm during the summers.
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here's two pics of new construction at the beach of velipoja. it is west of shkoder. it's turned into a real hot spot recently.

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why do you put quotation marks around old? is 2500 years not old enough for you? :laugh:
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