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The city of Shkodër is one of the most important cities in Albania
It is 2400 years old city , one of the oldest in Europe
During the Ottoman years it had the biggest Market in the Balkans
It is a city rich in culture and tradition
Located in North-Western Albania , it makes up of over 100.000 inhabitants :)
Because it is a northern city , it hasnt progressed as it should , so is way behind Tirana and Durrës
Here are some photos

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you disagree? shkodra has much more to offer historically and architectural wise, then Tirana.
ok keep living in your dream world now. Tirane definetly beats us for the most gay buildings, no competition there you're right. you realize after that post nobody will ever take you seriously again?
These last few pics are taken on Velipoja Beach! Very nice.
By the way lakerdar123,do you know if the road Velipoje-Shkoder city has been rekonstructed,or new build?

PS: I spend 1 month in Velipoje,training when i was doing the military service.And we had to walk all away from Lac-Vau i Dejes to Velipoje,over night with such a havy military equipment on our shoulders :)
ye the road was reconstructed, i heard its pretty nice now. the only thing i dont like is that most of the roads in velipoje are not built. there were never many roads there before since it was just a village.
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you guys see these buildings:

well they seem to have been part of this plan and there will likely be more as you can see only one section is competed. what we see in the pic above is the left part of this project:
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41 - 48 of 1795 Posts