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Shopping Centers

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A whole new side to westfield geelong is being developed. A new skybridge links the new side. Everything is starting to take shape. It will be adding 90 new shops. It will be completed later on this year.

Stage one is complete, they have fixed up the foodcourt and added more shops on the bottom floor. Its starting to look like Melbourne shopping centers.

I not to sure if there was an older thread, but heres a new one.
Discuss Vic Shopping Centers.
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there are far more interesting developments going on to not have to stoop so low as to comment on bogan containment centres.
there are far more interesting developments going on to not have to stoop so low as to comment on bogan containment centres.

half of geelong is a fucking shopping center these days!
At least you posted it in the right state this time :lol:

As for shopping centres.. someone please kill Westfield Fountain Gate for me plz :)
^ lol yeah i know haha.

Why dont you like Fountain Gate?
It's probably the most car dominated shopping centre in Melbourne. Plenty of open level parking, right in the middle of sprawl suburbs.

Public transport there is rubbish - a railway station 1km away (with intervals of between 30 mins and 1hr between trains), infrequent bus routes which wind around back streets, and a poor excuse for a bus interchange.

The shopping centre itself is tacky and oddly laid-out and most shops are rubbish. Seems to be a hangout for a lot of local bogans. Has a heap of drive-in "homemaker" places located in carparks up to 500m from the main Westfield building.
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^^ Yeah i guess it could do with a major makeover, and the open parking spaces is car hectic. But hey, Kath and Kim shop there, its famous.:lol:
bogain containers eh? it must really suck being an Aussie-Anglo nowadays, having to go to such extremes to distance themselves from the embarassing bogan legacy(i've never heard this 'suburbia=bogansville' argument come from any other group, except for the odd ethnic or two that fails to identify with their own culture/group). a piece of advice though: moving to the inner city, and deriding all the boganisms you supposedly left behind for a more sophisticated lifestyle, is not going to change anything. sorry.

bogan isn't just a postcode; it's a state of mind ;-)
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