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Shoreline Development News/Pictures

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So I thought I would try to post pictures of Shoreline for the first time, starting with the only really significant project going on right now. This is the Malmo Apartments, slated to be open this summer. It's kitty corner to the future Aurora Square.

There isn't too much activity here in Shoreline right now, so I might do these updates once and a while. Thanks for looking!
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There's a lot of controversy in Shoreline over the upzoning around the 185th Street Link Station, and a lot of confusion as well.

KIRO 7 inaccurately frames this as the fault of light rail. Some homeowners think the upzones could force them out of their homes so developers can build apartment buildings. Some think the upzoning is illegal.

This could get ugly.

Shoreline light rail line could displace thousands of residents
February 9, 2015
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