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Shoreline Development News/Pictures

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So I thought I would try to post pictures of Shoreline for the first time, starting with the only really significant project going on right now. This is the Malmo Apartments, slated to be open this summer. It's kitty corner to the future Aurora Square.

There isn't too much activity here in Shoreline right now, so I might do these updates once and a while. Thanks for looking!
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Capitol Hill - Yes, I'm surprised you got that term! I hung out every day in Mong Kok, probably my favorite place in HK, maybe even the world. And heres a document for what the city is planning. Here is a preliminary render:

Bond - Yeah, I'm still figuring out how to use this site and imgur. Any pointers would be appreciated!
Pretty trivial but if you guys find yourselves shopping in shoreline in the next couple of months, the old top foods on 175th is being converted into a Trader Joes. The property is around twice as big as your typical TJ's, so it'll be interesting to see how they use the space.
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Here's a nice housing development in LFP near my friends house. It replaced this gross old elk's club shack. I think this new density will really boost the surrounding businesses like the adjacent Showgirls (possibly dreamgirls?) and the liquor store across the street!
Here are a few pictures I took a while ago in Shoreline. The first three are of "Potala Place" (Honestly can someone explain to me why half the development in Seattle is named after a Tibetan Palace), at 15555 Aurora Ave N. The other three are quick shots of the Malmo Apartments, a 6 story woodframe across the street at 1210 N 152nd St.

Sorry I haven't really updated this thread at all, I've been in Hong Kong all summer, and I'm about to go up to college in Vancouver in a week, so don't expect any more updates from me for a while. You guys are doing a hell of a job keeping track of the development in this city, and I'll definitely keep myself updated while I'm away. Cheers!
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Since I've returned from BC, I'm back in Shoreline for the summer. I've been driving around but currently don't have a phone or camera to take pictures, so I'll just give a typed update of things that have happened while I've been gone!

The Malmo apartments, a 6 storey woodframe apartment building has been completed and appears to be occupied.

There seems to be a little excavation work at 15555 Aurora Ave N, which seems to be more 6 storey woodframes off of Westminster Way/Aurora.

Further north at 17020 Aurora Ave N seems to be a three storey woodframe auto-centric motel being constructed off a previously empty lot, pretty disappointed about that one.

Next to that is the old Top Foods strip mall, with a new Mud Bay and Trader Joes. Construction is still ongoing on the eastern half of the strip mall.

Speaking of Aurora, the reconfiguration of the entire Shoreline section of SR99 is done! it has nice, wide, tree-lined sidewalks, and feels a lot more cohesive than its northern and southern neighbors.

Surprise surprise, nothing major is happening right now in the city, but I'll keep yall updated if sh.t starts going down for some reason lol
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Also, I looked around but couldn't find any updates on Point Wells. Don't try going to their website off of Google, I tried going there but it redirected me to a super skeezy page for some reason.
If this is the one I think it is, it's already topped out (still no cladding or interior done, just the woodframe). Really weird layout with what seems to be a car-focused entrance off of Aurora and a small separate building that I have no idea what purpose it serves in the front of the property on Aurora. It's a little hard to describe so I'll try and take a photo for you guys some time
Excited to say that the project mentioned in Ruffhauser's post above has created the advent of Shoreline's first yellow crane! (At least from my memory, I can't think of any other project that has had a big yellow crane like this)
Alright hopefully I did this right, I'm pretty technologically inept. First photo is a townhouse project off of 185th at Densmore Ave N. Second is of the crane project that Ruffhauser linked in post #18 and the first phase (now leasing!) right behind it. Third is of the recently completed Malmo apartments off of Aurora behind the strip mall on 152nd. Besides various small SFH developments this is it for my neck of the woods right now.

20170206_124752 on Flickr
20170206_125459 on Flickr
20170206_130327 on Flickr
But there's definitely a lot more room for potential! Keep an eye on our upzoning process for the 145th and 185th/North City station areas, it's gonna be an interesting time for policy in the coming 6 years!
I'm liking how Shoreline is densifying. Suburban densification helps keep housing prices in check for Seattle as well.
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I think the close suburbs are in a unique position to take the housing shortage in their own hands, since the political stakes are certainly not as high for their local governments (I doubt most people could name the mayor of Shoreline's name off the top of their head, I certainly can't)
Looking at Shoreline, Lynnwood, Mountlake Terrace, Kenmore, and Bothell, their relatively aggressive approaches to housing are quite impressive and refreshing.
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Meh, remember that Surrey has had rapid transit (Skytrain service) for almost a quarter of a century now. Once our light rail starts getting built out, you'll eventually start seeing stuff like this in the Puget Sound area.

As for Shoreline, I don't really see us building a 500+ foot tower here any time soon, but I do foresee lots of midrises down the line!
If only our suburbs could actually start building tall on terrible surface parking lots right now...
I agree with that sentiment. Having lived in Vancouver, the towers around stations model doesn't really work in a lot of places where the neighborhood before was just SFH or light commercial/light multifamily, for example Edmonds, Marine Gateway, or Holdom. The station towers concept does work, however, in large commercial destinations, a la Metrotown, Brentwood, and central Surrey. I'm pretty excited to see what happens when places like Alderwood, Factoria, the mall in South Everett, Burien, and Federal Way get Link access. I think the skytrain strategy could really work there!
A common theme with the Vancouver suburban high rises (that you can see in the photo) is close proximity to the Skytrain stations.

I'm not sure how big a fan I am of "transit station = high rise". Creates some awkward neighborhood layouts. The high rises tend to be at the very very tip top of the price range which creates a wide disparity in both housing type, and income levels.

Speaking from 100% from my arse, but for the most part I like the more gradual approach to densification that Seattle has taken where the neighborhood first gets filled in with mid-rises that are a little closer to the middle of the market, which also helps build up the retail area. After that's taken root, then replacing the older, close-in, mid-rise buildings with high rises. Feels like that would help build a better mix of housing types, and might also help grease the rails with some of the Nimby-ism. Tho, like I said. 100% from my ass. Maybe thats way too slow a process that will still see San Fran like prices and I'll be choking on those words when a 200sqft closet will run you $2000/mo. We also haven't really seen the second part of that equation anywhere either. We finally approved such things for the U-district, and we missed the opportunity with Captiol Hill.
Apparently the developer of Point Wells, BSRE, recently submitted a revised proposal for the development. Here's the Snohomish County document:

The reason I'm posting it here and not the Snoco page is because this project effects Shoreline and Shoreline alone, although it happens to be north of the county line. The major change this revision makes is that they want to add a second access road up the hill through Woodway, and the development has additionally shifted to accommodate the changes coming with Richmond Beach Road (from the water to 185th RB road is going from two lanes in each direction at 35mph to one lane in each direction plus a center turn lane/median and protected bikelanes with widened sidewalks, long overdue IMO).

Honestly I think the second access road is a non-starter cuz they'll have to fight tooth and nail with some of the most stuck-up, sheltered NIMBY's on God's green Earth, so I'm just assuming this is only accessible via Shoreline. This means that Shoreline Fire and PD will have to service an additional 11k people (a fifth of the city's current population) in a hard-to-access location.

I personally would be fine with them building something if Snohomish County/Woodway let Shoreline or even King County annex this place. If not, even though it pains me to say this as a member of this forum, in it's current iteration I can't support this one getting built. What do you guys think? Would there be a win-win solution to the infrastructure problem that I'm not seeing? I'm going to the community meeting on the 22nd so any thought is appreciated
Wow! This will be pretty huge for the neighborhood! This development will join the recently completed complex down the street on the other side of NE 175th, as well as a new multifamily project under construction just west of the Arabella apartments on NE 180th! North City is probably the densest part of Shoreline, so this is cool to see.
Anyone know of images of this project? Katerra is pretty new so I'm interested to see what this looks like. Wolff Company did (still doing Phase 2) the CityLine apartments in Columbia City among other projects.
Little update

I took this a week or two ago. It's the project just south of NE 175th St on Aurora (Same project as the second photo in post #22 of this thread). It's all topped out, just waiting on the cladding!

2017-12-07_09-50-26 on Flickr
I actually used to work there at Central Market during high school and while I was there there was talk about redeveloping the Sears portion for a more urban and accessible SCC expansion. SCC is in one of the most inconvenient and inaccessible locations possible, and they are having some serious congestion problems so it seems plausible. One of the first posts I made on this thread had a render for a mixed-used redevelopment but it's 404d now. That whole complex has some serious redevelopment potential though!

Edit- after some searching I found this document Bond
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No pictures but demolition just finished on the USPS building on the SE corner of NE 175th and 15th Ave NE
Got an info pamphlet from the developer of the Shoreline Sears, here's some crappy quality pictures of the initial site plan:

20180321_132715 by on Flickr

20180321_132745 on Flickr
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