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Shoreline Development News/Pictures

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So I thought I would try to post pictures of Shoreline for the first time, starting with the only really significant project going on right now. This is the Malmo Apartments, slated to be open this summer. It's kitty corner to the future Aurora Square.

There isn't too much activity here in Shoreline right now, so I might do these updates once and a while. Thanks for looking!
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A common theme with the Vancouver suburban high rises (that you can see in the photo) is close proximity to the Skytrain stations.

I'm not sure how big a fan I am of "transit station = high rise". Creates some awkward neighborhood layouts. The high rises tend to be at the very very tip top of the price range which creates a wide disparity in both housing type, and income levels.

Speaking from 100% from my arse, but for the most part I like the more gradual approach to densification that Seattle has taken where the neighborhood first gets filled in with mid-rises that are a little closer to the middle of the market, which also helps build up the retail area. After that's taken root, then replacing the older, close-in, mid-rise buildings with high rises. Feels like that would help build a better mix of housing types, and might also help grease the rails with some of the Nimby-ism. Tho, like I said. 100% from my ass. Maybe thats way too slow a process that will still see San Fran like prices and I'll be choking on those words when a 200sqft closet will run you $2000/mo. We also haven't really seen the second part of that equation anywhere either. We finally approved such things for the U-district, and we missed the opportunity with Captiol Hill.
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Shoreline is absolutely embarrassing Seattle with TOD around the Lynnwood extension. Seattle electeds and staff should be ashamed. Honestly, many of them should probably be out of work with a swing and a miss as big as this.
On the Block: With $20M land buy, Shea plants the first TOD flag near Shoreline South station
Also, Shoreline is building a bike/ped bridge over I5 to connect to the new station. Very cool! 148th Street Non-Motorized Bridge | City of Shoreline
Been to Roosevelt or the U-District or Capitol Hill recently?
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That's not really a fair comparison.
Then neither is griping about the city council for TOD policies?...

"The Seattle city council is doing a terrible job compared to Shoreline in facilitating TOD!"

"What about this awesome TOD around stations?..."

"Doesn't count as it would have happened anyways..."

Edit: And if you think Roosevelt or Rainier Valley station areas were "dense urban centers" before light rail construction, your definitions might be off a bit here...
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The point I was making is that right now Shoreline is doing more to facilitate development around its light rail stations than Seattle is. I don't see the city of Seattle rezoning vast swaths of single family houses to NC-75 zoning.
So there's this neighborhood in Seattle called Roosevelt...

Go use Reddit if you want to be snarky a**hole.
I mostly jest... but perhaps you shouldn't be posting strong opinions in a public place if you can't handle someone disagreeing with them?...
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I'm all for disagreement, I just want substantive argument about why you think I'm wrong.
I'm all for making a substantive argument, but generally I try to stick to the same one...

Yeah, Roosevelt has seen a lot of change. However, Roosevelt 1) already had many mixed-use buildings; 2) already had lots of 4-5 story buildings (or more); 3) already had lots of multifamily buildings. Again, comparing the two circumstances based on "which is more transformative" going to 85' tall denser buildings is great, but it's not nearly as transformative as what's happening with the blocks surrounding the future 145th in Shoreline.
Yeah, that's not what you were on about to start, and not what I was taking issue with:

Shoreline is absolutely embarrassing Seattle with TOD around the Lynnwood extension. Seattle electeds and staff should be ashamed. Honestly, many of them should probably be out of work with a swing and a miss as big as this.
Ashamed, eh?... Shoreline is embarrassing Seattle eh?... So badly that the Seattle city council should be out of work?...

Again, just looking at Roosevelt, the city rezoned, and developers have responded. It turned a sleepy little neighborhood no one ever heard of into one of the denser TOD areas in the city. But because it's not "transformative enough" compared to the future developments in Shoreline, the city council should be out on its arse?... Sounds like pretty unfair criteria to me, don't you think?...

How bout: Both cities have done quite a bit of great work getting development around transit stations, and it's doubly great that Shoreline is building theirs up from pretty much nothing? Ditto Mtlk Terrace and Lynnwood...
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BoulderGrad, you will notice from your own quoted text, my original comment was about the LYNNWOOD EXTENSION. You're the one who exploded this out assuming it was a commentary about the whole city, which it wasn't. Seattle is just now starting a process to think about how to rezone around the 130th and 145th stations. Shoreline embarked on that activity years ago when the final alignment was determined.
Was my original comment about city of Seattle officials being ashamed and calling for them to lose their jobs too strong? Sure. But I also generally expect planning departments from large cities like Seattle to be proactive about land use planning around fixed transit infrastructure, and with regard to the Lynnwood extension, they haven't been.
I'm not going to make any more posts on this topic.
You'll excuse my confusion considering almost all the developable land around the 145th street station isn't even in the city of Seattle... Anything North of 145th is Shoreline... City council of Shoreline should be out on their arses for not jumping on getting that developed ;)
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