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Shoreline Development News/Pictures

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So I thought I would try to post pictures of Shoreline for the first time, starting with the only really significant project going on right now. This is the Malmo Apartments, slated to be open this summer. It's kitty corner to the future Aurora Square.

There isn't too much activity here in Shoreline right now, so I might do these updates once and a while. Thanks for looking!
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They say it's phase 2, so that must be phase 1.
Good updates!

17962 Midvale description from DJC: The SeaWest website describes the seven-story Vail project as potentially having 163 apartments, including live/work units, plus retail space.
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The article talks about one project and three other sites for sale that could hold around 1,300 in the four combined.

It is impressive that they've rezoned single-family to allow real density. It's the urban village concept but largely from scratch.
I'd guess that the planners would generally love to create urban villages at those stations, and that the political level (for years, not just the current group) is holding things back.
It's similar to the two Microsoft stations.

And wow does Seattle need the same thing with I-5 and 99 in a few spots.
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