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Here are a few pictures I took a while ago in Shoreline. The first three are of "Potala Place" (Honestly can someone explain to me why half the development in Seattle is named after a Tibetan Palace), at 15555 Aurora Ave N. The other three are quick shots of the Malmo Apartments, a 6 story woodframe across the street at 1210 N 152nd St.

Sorry I haven't really updated this thread at all, I've been in Hong Kong all summer, and I'm about to go up to college in Vancouver in a week, so don't expect any more updates from me for a while. You guys are doing a hell of a job keeping track of the development in this city, and I'll definitely keep myself updated while I'm away. Cheers!
It's OK. I hear a lot of Needles and Pikes are going up in Tibet. Tit for tat.
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