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Shoreline Development News/Pictures

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So I thought I would try to post pictures of Shoreline for the first time, starting with the only really significant project going on right now. This is the Malmo Apartments, slated to be open this summer. It's kitty corner to the future Aurora Square.

There isn't too much activity here in Shoreline right now, so I might do these updates once and a while. Thanks for looking!
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Also, here are some pictures of the 175th Post Office site, complete with crane stub!

20180324_182338 on Flickr

20180324_182325 by on Flickr
I'm not too familiar with the long term vision for "North City" (this section of 15th Ave). It would be great if they could have ground floor retail with some mixed use buildings lining 15th Ave along this stretch to give it a more urban village feel. Is anything like this currently planned along the stretch?
Most of North City has been upzoned, not quite sure off the top of my head if 15th is completely rezoned from 165th to 180th (The actual neighborhood strip), but I do know that large portions of the area west of 15th and east of I-5 to the light rail station between about 175th to 195th are upzoned multi family (some parts are MU75 I believe).

In regards to the Sears redevelopment parking, I definitely see those parking lots redeveloped similar to the U-Village transformation down the road, I'm just glad that something at all is being done to this area!

Edit- For those who aren't aware, the Sears redevelopment is only on the Sears lot, so all of the brown buildings on the diagram I posted above (Central Market, Salvation Army, Marshall's, etc.) are not parcels owned by the developer. I'd suspect the northern portion with Marshall's, Subway, Pier 1 imports, etc is going to be next in line. Central Market brings the lion's share of traffic there, and since they recently remodelled, as well as Salvation Army recently moving in, I don't really see the south portion changing much in the near future, except possibly the Super China buffet/US Bank parcel.
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Two TODs totalling more than 400 units:
Just a little summer update from my neck of the woods:

They are building a six story dorm at SCC, which brings Shoreline's crane count up to 2!
[url=]20180716_131455 on Flickr

Also, I've been quite busy lately (I'll get to that in a sec), but here are some other developments around Shoreline that I've seen.

18557 Firlands Way N - 4+1 Mixed-use building has topped out
17212 Aurora Ave N - Paceline Apts, a 6+1 MU is nearing completion
2322 N 185th St(ish) - 5 or 6 unit townhome project on one lot nearing completion
18501 Densmore Ave N - 6 unit townhome on two former SFH lots completed and sold
SE corner of 185th + 10th Ave NE - 6 townhome project underway w/ yellow things!
1221 NE 180th St (Arabella 2) - Currently at 3rd floor of 6 (5+1)
SW corner of NE 175th and 15th (former PO) - Currently reaching 15th Ave NE surface

The reason I've been quite busy is because I recently passed my state exam and am now a licensed real estate broker! I'm working all around the city but since I know Shoreline so well, I've been focusing on assemblances for developments at the two light rail subareas for the past month and a half. I know this thread doesn't get much traffic so I'll post something similar in the coffee shop but now that I'm in this industry I'd love to meet you guys. I can't really convey how much this forum has helped me find my passions and interest, as well as teaching me so, so much. I found this page in October 2013 as a junior in high school, after a curious google search about what buildings were going up around Seattle, and in the nearly 5 years since you guys have changed my life with your pictures, articles, urban dev/architecture/transit debates, and general knowledge dropping. I don't post here much but I certainly read everything on here and I just want to say thank you to all. I was hoping to meet you all at the F5 tower tour, but in case that doesn't happen it would be very cool to have a summer meetup down the road.
Alright I had some time to kill the other day so here are some pictures in Shoreline:

Behind Ballinger Village at 205th and 19th Ave NE:
20180720_183034_HDR on Flickr

Ballinger Way and 19th Ave NE, kinda hidden behind an office building:
20180720_183549_HDR on Flickr

20180720_183530_HDR on Flickr

Arabella 2 at 180th and 14th Ave NE:
20180720_183907_HDR on Flickr

Polaris Apartments completed a year ago (175th and 15th Ave NE):
20180720_184152_HDR on Flickr

Across the street at the former post office:
20180720_184225 on Flickr

185th and 10th Ave NE (6 townhomes):
20180720_184602_HDR on Flickr

Low income housing that Ronald United Methodist Church developed in their former parking lot, 179th and Linden Ave N:
20180720_195924_HDR on Flickr

Recently completed Paceline Apts at 175th and Aurora:
20180720_200120_HDR on Flickr

180th and Midvale Ave N, no idea what this is:
20180720_200606 on Flickr

188th and Firlands Ave N:
20180720_201105_HDR on Flickr

20180720_201122_HDR on Flickr

20180720_201145_HDR on Flickr

PS: That crane on Arabella is new, which means the crane count in Shoreline is at 3 now! Definitely a record that will hopefully be broken within the decade.
This article includes new rendering videos of the Aurora Plaza (Sears) redevelopment:
Taken a few days ago - 180th in between 12th and 15th (Arabella 2)

[url=]2018-09-07_05-12-20 on Flickr
To be fair, if you're going north on Aurora, you can definitely notice when Seattle turns into Shoreline. We've done a very good job making it more boulevard-ey with landscaping and a center tree line
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White crane at the site mentioned in post #51, bringing Shoreline's crane count to four!

Also, I do agree that Shoreline doesn't really have a defined center like Edmonds, Kenmore, Bothell, Woodinville, etc. But our city government has definitely recognized our urban issues and has laid out a good path for our city going into the future. You'll definitely start seeing a construction boom around the two light rail areas, as well as along Aurora (which can have a height limit of up to 140ft on conditional approval in both the station areas and along Aurora). We'll get there eventually!
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Alright, another update from Shoreline.

Former post office on 175th and 15th Ave NE:
20181115_142043_HDR on Flickr

Arabella 2 (180th and 12th):
20181115_141930_HDR on Flickr

20181115_145030_HDR on Flickr

Here are some smaller infill projects replacing SFHs (there are a couple more around the city but I didn't really get to those)

155th and 5th Ave NE
20181115_142936_HDR on Flickr
20181115_142952_HDR on Flickr

Down the street on 2nd Ave NE:
20181115_143145_HDR on Flickr

180th and 10th Ave NE:
20181115_144349_HDR on Flickr

Bonus pic: It's hard to tell but Sound Transit has demolished all of the eminent domain buildings where the 185th station will go and the site has been fenced off. Signs say 2019 construction start
20181115_144510_HDR on Flickr
No pictures but driving on Aurora today I noticed that Trammell Crow has started site construction on their 155th and Westminster project, which they purchased from Lobsang Dargey:
A couple pictures of the old post office on 175th and 15th Ave NE, looks topped out:

[url=]20190617_145831_HDR on Flickr

[url=]20190617_145515 on Flickr

20190617_145515 on Flickr
Some recent photos from around Shoreline:

20190804_120504 on Flickr
155th and Aurora/Westminster
20190804_121436 on Flickr
20190804_121325 on Flickr
Old USPS Office 175th and 15th NE
20190804_121709 on Flickr
180th and 12th NE
20190804_123839 on Flickr
Midvale (next to Aurora) and 180th-ish
20190804_122559_HDR on Flickr
20190804_122738 on Flickr
20190804_122554 on Flickr
20190804_122633_HDR on Flickr
I saw this transaction on the MLS because of how ridiculous it seemed at the time. This is the block between Corliss and 1st Ave NE, from 145th to 147th, right across I-5 from the future Link station. It was originally a 9 parcel assemblage listed at $7.9mm, but was bought for $12.8mm, which didn't make sense until the fencing went up for this. It looks like the developer got every single house along 147th, bringing it to 15 parcels. This land is zoned at MUR45, meaning multifamily with commercial possible on the G/F up to four stories.
Alright, big update since I have nothing to do with the city virtually on quarantine!

Here's almost every MF/commercial project going on in Shoreline right now.

Old post office at 175th and 15th NE:
20200318_161543_HDR on Flickr

177th and 15th NE:
20200318_161728 on Flickr

New SFD firehouse west of 15th on NE 180th:
20200318_161839_HDR on Flickr

Arabella Phase 2:
20200318_161946 on Flickr

Completed and moved-in townhomes on 185th and 10th NE:
20200318_162039_HDR on Flickr

185th and 3rd NE:
20200318_162447_HDR on Flickr

180th and 3rd:
20200318_162545_HDR on Flickr

Roughly 183rd and 1st NE:
20200318_162645_HDR on Flickr

North of 185th on Wallingford (three separate projects):
20200318_162904 on Flickr

20200318_162908_HDR on Flickr

20200318_162933 on Flickr

180th and Midvale/Aurora:
20200318_163456 on Flickr

155th/Westminster/BGT/Aurora (taken from old Sears):
20200318_164002 on Flickr

20200318_164029 on Flickr

Finally, townhomes at 145th/1st NE/147th:
20200318_170448 on Flickr
Thanks for the updates!

Do any of the projects in North City have a retail component?
Both projects on 15th Ave NE seem to have a small retail unit
Looking good for a big redevelopment!
MDG buys old Shoreline shopping center for $12M
Real Estate Editor
The Shops at Richmond Village, at 600 N.W. Richmond Beach Road in Shoreline, has sold for $12.2 million, according to King County records. The buyer was Richmond Village Retail LLC, which is associated with Madison Development Group of Issaquah. Public records indicate a loan from Washington Trust Bank.

New owner MDG did apply recently for a lot line adjustment (there are two parcels with about 5.3 acres), but no new building plans have been filed. The company, led by Tom Lee and Jim Gallaugher, does both retail and mixed-use development.

The seller was M.L. Davies Investment Co., which had owned the property for decades — and may have been the original developer. Brokers were not announced. The deal was worth about $281 per square foot.

Developed in 1965, with small later additions, the three-building complex has about 43,418 square feet. Most of the property is parking. QFC is the anchor tenant; and there's also a Swedish medical clinic, among other smaller tenants.

Meanwhile, in Kirkland's Rose Hill neighborhood, MDG and MG2 are planning to totally redevelop an old 7-acre shopping center with about 870 units over new retail/commercial space. MDG acquired that property last December for $40 million.

And early this year, MDG completed the 108-unit Luna, with a new PCC Community Market, in West Seattle.
Interesting. I grew up a quarter mile from here, they recently renovated the strip mall building, within the past decade or so. If my memory serves correctly, this lot is zoned multifamily, but not intensely enough that would allow for a full demo and redev. Gonna be watching this one!
Just checked Shoreline zoning- my memory serves wrong! This lot has a CB designation, which should allow for a four or five-plus-one complex.
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I'm currently quite busy with work and school but if there's a nice sunny day coming up and I'm free I'll do another photo tour of Shoreline. Recently there's been an explosion of LR2/3 style townhome construction around the new 185th station area, with a couple townhouse projects already completed. That plus North City and obviously the light rail should make for a good update!
I think the city has been trying to get more attention for a few years but the market hasn't been that interested until the last couple years. With light rail feeling very real and Seattle's insane land prices and slow entitlement process I think it has finally gotten some traction.
They rezoned the two light rail areas as well as the blocks surrounding Aurora in 2015, and while there were some smaller projects here and there a couple years after, things are really starting to get going here. I think you're right about the outward push effect of Seattle land prices. Since downtown and SLU are pretty much built out, places like the U-District, Northgate, and Shoreline are going to start absorbing more and more of that demand.
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