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Shoreline Development News/Pictures

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So I thought I would try to post pictures of Shoreline for the first time, starting with the only really significant project going on right now. This is the Malmo Apartments, slated to be open this summer. It's kitty corner to the future Aurora Square.

There isn't too much activity here in Shoreline right now, so I might do these updates once and a while. Thanks for looking!
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Finally got around to snapping a few photos. My weekend is a little free so I'll get pics of some other projects then. Also: my phone camera sucks and I'm taking most of these from my parked car so apologies in advance.

20210506_181057_HDR on Flickr
178th and Aurora just north of the old DOL, crane is up and shoring is in progress.

20210506_181540 on Flickr
185th and Ashworth

20210506_181452_HDR on Flickr
South side of 185th and Wallingford

20210506_181434_HDR on Flickr
North side of 185th and Wallingford

20210506_181950_HDR on Flickr
North of 185th on 1st Ave NE

All in all, there's been a ton of starts and completions on more 6-8 unit townhomes along the 185th corridor, mostly to the west of I-5. The Post on 175th and 15th NE in North City has been done for months. Trad, a four story (but also six story? It's kinda hard to describe without photos, which I'll get to taking) apartment on 15th is also finishing up along with Arabella 2. a few more townhome starts on the east side of the station area. As for the 145th Station area, the only real project to mention is the townhomes on 145th and 1st Ave NE, which they've finished about a third of. More coming soon!
Here are some more pictures around the area:

Townhomes on 1st Ave NE north of 145th
20210510_155047_HDR on Flickr
20210510_155102_HDR on Flickr
20210510_155140_HDR on Flickr

Smaller project just west of the previous one:
20210510_155215_HDR on Flickr

Here's the close-to-completion Trad apartments on 15th Ave NE in North City I mentioned in my previous post:
20210510_160042 on Flickr
20210510_160203_HDR on Flickr
A few more pictures!

To Capitol Hill, this is another angle (from Lakeside on the Seattle side of 145th) of the project you mentioned in the other thread:
20210521_150857_HDR on Flickr

And here are a couple pictures of the apartment building bounded by Aurora, the Interurban, and Westminster Way (photos taken facing east):
20210521_151625_HDR on Flickr
20210521_151803 on Flickr
Couldn't snap pictures because it was dark but there's been massive movement around the 145th St station on the Shoreline side since I last visited. Pulte and other developers are starting to fence off entire blocks east of Meridian. MUR35 or 45 zoning so should be townhomes similar to the ones on 1st Ave NE and 145th.
Those are all single family homes currently, right? Are developers just buying out all sfh’s there in bulk?
At least for everything west of 1st Ave NE its MUR35/MUR45, which is pretty equivalent to Seattle's LR1-3 so they'll be townhomes. If you check streetview along the west side of 1st Ave north of 145th you should see what these look will look like.

Edit: Might've misunderstood the question. Yes, the current use there is all SFH. Looks like Pulte and some other LLCs are buying up tracts of these in bulk. The largest one is bounded by 147th/148th/Meridian/Corliss.
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Similar moves being made to Seattle's 2019 ADU legislation.
Here's some photos of those cleared blocks, with some nice lighting.

SE Corner of 147th and Corliss:
Untitled by northend_mk, on Flickr

NE Corner of 147th and Corliss:
Untitled by northend_mk, on Flickr

148th between 1st NE and Corliss looking south:
Untitled by northend_mk, on Flickr

East of 1st NE, City of Shoreline multifamily project:
Untitled by northend_mk, on Flickr

NE Corner of 147th and Meridian:
Untitled by northend_mk, on Flickr

Accompanied by this, presented without comment:
Untitled by northend_mk, on Flickr
What’s going on with the garage doors in the third to last photo?
They're mid-demolition.
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