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short set of my walk to opening day (15 img)

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i parked many moons away

world's largest ______________

detroit's most famous highschool! well the new one anyway


mgm grand site in the background

haha, loser suburbanites(oh yeah, and tiger stadium)

back of gcp

no really, the place wasn't made up

i met eminem here

more traffic, who needs mass transit

still fun from any angle

one more of everybody's fav tower

signs (yes, that is the same chelios)

maybe next time you'll remember how to pitch to thome
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Interesting pictures of Detroit. Captions and all.
good travelog. Chin Tiki, cool* do they have t-shirts?

*The sign's weathered look
historybuffer said:
good travelog. Chin Tiki, cool* do they have t-shirts?

*The sign's weathered look
well they haven't been open for years (a full shot would show that). But not a bad idea for a tshirt though.......
Somebody contact pure Detroit.

Great pics, btw. I wonder how many of those 45,000 would have opted for public transporation if they had the option...
Nice pics

Quote of the week:

"more traffic, who needs mass transit"

you think after all these years that the Tigers would learn how to pitch to Thome.

Tis a good game going right now though, 10-8 in the 7th
I would have taken mass transit down. Woodward sucked!
Going on Monday.
Would have loved to see some pictures of the ballpark, one of my favorites in the majors, maybe number 2 behind the big ballpark in the bronx (of course i'm a little partial)
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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