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Should more skyscrapers be added to london bridge quarter?

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I just thought it would pretty cool if they made the place into a glass city with the shard the place maybe a sears tower style building just smaller what does anyone else think?
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it will happen (not necessarily a sears tower style building) whether we like it or not, projects such as three spires and the quill are already passing through the new planning laws, though these buildings will age, and some badly, give it 20 or 30 years and we'll be back to the sort of opinion we currently give the broadgate and the barbican
I'm not sure having more supertall rivals would have a good effect. To me, the Shard just appears too sleek and slender to have partners higher than 200m - a reason why I dislike the 3 Spires so intensely! However, doesn't mean I wouldn't have it as part of a cluster. It would be good if it were densely surrounded by buildings 100-200m tall, of which Guy's Tower and (hopefully) the Quill would be part of - the children of Shard! Makes me wish New London Bridge House was going to be twice its current height...[sigh]
^^^oh and all these surrounding towers should be clad in the Shard. She will be their mistress !!!
Thinking about it that would look really impressive!
Firstly yes there should be more, although I would prefer to see them below the 200m mark to retain the Shard's prominence. Secondly Lets try and build some glass towers around Guys to shield its uglyness.
I really think that since the shard has been build that the contrast between Guys and the the Shard is amazing. It no longer looks like a shit 1970 building. Together they look futuristic.
Would be happy to see a few 150m+ buildings and one or two 200m+ to add to the cluster maybe work its way along to strata. But no need to build a 280m tower right next to the shard at the minute.
I'd like to see a curve faced building going up to the side (facing the river and the bridge) that had a Tokyo/Piccadilly style system of screens on it, perhaps a big digital/World clock too. Nothing too tall, no taller than Guy's - just enough prominence to lend itself to advertising to a wide audience.

As for a cluster, I wouldn't want to see any more then 4 or 5 prominent buildings, certainly nothing over 200m. At the same time I wouldn't want them all to be purely glazed clad, it'd be a shame to lose the Shard in a sea of glass.
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