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Show off your local town!

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Lets get a bit of civic pride on here :cheers:

Monton, my home town :)

My local cafe:

My local pub: :cheers:

The Green

... and the canal

Sorry about the bad streetview quality by the way ...
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My Grandad built "The Old Mans Shelter " at Monton round-about.
Does any one still go in The Drop ? Seems like it's been run into the ground by a bad landlord , so i hear , though i was never a fan of the place even in its hey day.
Monton's still a nice place but it used to be excellent when i was a kid . Every kind of shop you'd need, two great primary schools , a grammer school , a train station (little before my time) and even its own cinema .
My hometowns Wigan and everyone knows what that looks like, might post some pics of Swinley Village if this thread takes off.

Town Hall

77 Barton Street in 1987

Macclesfield Cemetery

The Victorian pub on the right is the Nags Head... we used to live there, mum and dad ran it - my bedroom was top floor right hand window.

Hovis Mill... now apartments.

South Park where I grew up. Lived on Park Lane just across the road from about 3 to 14
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