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SILESIAN METROPOLIS | Projects & Construction

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The Silesian Metropolis (Polish: Metropolia Górnośląska), formerly Metropolitan Association of Upper Silesia (Polish: Górnośląski Związek Metropolitalny) is a territorial entity operating on the principle of metropolitan municipality composed of 14 adjacent cities in the Polish province of Silesia. The seat of the city council is Katowice, the largest district of the Silesian Metropolis.

The Silesian Metropolis as a Katowice area lies within one of the largest urban areas in European Union. Its population is 2,039,454 (2008), within an urban zone, with a population of 2,746,460 according to Eurostat and also part of the wider Silesian metropolitan area, with a population of 5,294,000 according to the European Spatial Planning Observation Network.

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A very interesting thread.
It's amazing what one can learn on this website.
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