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Random Photos of Guadalajara's Skyline and Street Views...Enjoy It...

Chapultepec Avenue

Colonia Americana -------------------> -------------------> Continue

Country Club and Americas Avenue

Zone of Mariano Otero Avenue

Skyline ---------------------> --------------------> Continue

Puerta de Hierro - Business District

Monument to the Arches

Minerva Fountain

Plaza Guadalajara

Plaza Universidad

Plaza Millenium

Hidalgo Avenue

Guadalajara World Trade Center and Hilton Hotel

Arches of Millenium Sculpture

Rare Architecture in a zone of the city

Plaza Galerias Shopping Center


Plaza del Sol Shopping Center

Cima Real Residential

Cube Tower


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I loved all the pictures, but specially those with the futuristic designs...i can't wait for the Torrena Tower to be completed and the Gugenheim and Chivas Stadium, they will look incredible in this city.
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