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Sin City

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No this is not about the graphic novel by Frank Miller nor the movie. This is about you guess it, sin cities.

The term sin city as described by CBC is a city where art, culture and political liberties co-mingled with corruption, brutality and decadence. Everything or anyone could be bought and sold.

Such examples would be Paris and Berlin of the 1920s and Shanghai of the 1930s.

Today's version of a sin city is a city that caters to various vices whether it's gambling or adult entertainment.

Some famous examples are

Las Vegas

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Hee hee... Miami makes Las Vegas look like a wholesome bastion of Mormon family values... at least, insofar as commercial sex is concerned. It's not entirely a coincidence that Luther Campbell and his buddies ("2 Live Crew") are from Miami.

In Las Vegas, people go to strip clubs to watch women dance nude. Zzzzzzz. :sleepy:

In Miami, people go to strip clubs to watch the on-stage lesbian sex show, enjoy a lapdance or two, and see identical twins perform unspeakable acts with empty beer bottles, a realdoll, a thoroughly confused burmese python, a sock puppet, and two hundred gallons of chocolate pudding. :eek:kay:

In Las Vegas, husbands sneak away from their wives for an hour or two to go to a titty bar. :naughty:

In Miami, husbands take their wife AND their girlfriend TO a titty bar. (I kid you not... I still remember the radio ads for one club... "Bring your girlfriend! Bring your wife! Hell, bring 'em both!!!") :eek:mg:

On the outskirts of Las Vegas, there are numerous old adult motels with hourly rates. :cucumber:

In Miami, old motels along SW 8th Street get bulldozed to build brand new 3-story "love motels" with frequent customer discounts, realtime online reservations, private tandem garages with stairs leading directly to each suite, and rooftop jacuzzis. :cheers:
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Some people would refer to Amsterdam when hearing 'sin city'.
In the gay scene Berlin is also called "the slutiest city in the world"
Tel Aviv is a "sin city" after reading all the interesting stuff that comes from that place.
what can I say sin city is bad..bad..bad
Las Vegas is Sin City. Not Miami, Tel-Aviv, or Madrid. Those cities can come up with their own nicknames.

As for the movie...Sin City is probally like New York City.
For me the real sin city is Hamburg

You can get all kinds of German videos in this place. :)
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