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● A new city, Salam, will be built to serve as the economic capital of North Sinai.
● A new international airport will be built.
● The establishment of an economic zone that will facilitate the export of local produce, mainly from fisheries and agriculture.
● L.E. 17 bn will be invested in the mining sector in 11 North Sinai cities/areas including Arish, Nekhel, Taba & East Port Said.
● L.E. 9.4bn will be invested in agriculture and land reclamation in 17 cities/areas.

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«Bardawil Airport»

It was initially a military airport also called Aljafjafa airport and is currently being upgraded to become a joint military-civilian airport, serving the central and northern Sinai, as well as becoming a development axis in the Suez Canal area. Its current name is Bardawil Airport. Sources in the Egyptian Ministry of Civil Aviation confirmed that the electricity supply of the airport is under way, and the airport operating systems such as electromechanical and communications are being tested. The works of the two water purification and sewage treatment plants are under completion. The service roads, the internal roads, the entrance to the airport gates and parking areas are in the planning stages.

The sources also explained that the separation fence between the public area and the tarmac area is being completed. To date, the gates at the entrances to the tarmac were not installed and the marking of the navigational marks the main corridor 16/34 - the service road for the ground equipment are under completion as well as the lighting units on both sides of the corridor, and clearing the islands of stones and obstacles.
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