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Since High Speed Rail is Dead What About Hyperloop

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I was reading this article about the 10 most likely places that the new Hyperloop Technology could be deployed. One of those routes is from Miami to Orlando. I was wondering if it would be a worthwhile extension to also bring the Hyperloop from Orlando to Tampa. From what I understand most of the right of way for the highspeed rail was already established, and when they rebuilt I-4, it had high speed rail in mind. Since the hardest part of the process has largely been completed (establishing the route), it seems like it would be a great "beta" project for this technology. The distance between the two cities is a little bit short, but as an extension that would carry on to Miami, I think it would be used quite a bit.

Article here:
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It all sounds good, but I have to be convinced that someone won't suddenly get stuck in a tunnel first.
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