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237m residential tower and 123m office tower

UN Studio Designs New UIC Building ‘V on Shenton’ in Singapore


Client: UIC Investments (Properties) Pte Ltd
Location: No. 5 Shenton Way, UIC Building, Singapore
Building surface: 85.507 m2
Building volume: residential tower 237m height; office tower 123m height
Building site: 6778 m2
Programme: commercial and residential redevelopment.
Status: In progress

The part-residential, part-office tower in Singapore was designed by UN Studio. In line with their consistent preocupation with responsive cladding systems, the ’V on Shenton’ tower has a facade that comprises several varying textures that depend on program and Singapore’s climatic conditions. Soft-edged and with a highly detailed envelope, the building communicates with the existing architecture of Singapore’s Central Business District, where the proposed building site is located.

The building breaks to create a lower scale office section – which responds to the contextual heights of similar buildings – while the residential tower rises above to distinguish itself from the neighboring buildings. The massing is lined by chamfers which give a definite edge and frame the building; this line, which appears smooth in contrast to the textured surfaces of the towers, illuminates in the evening.

Using hexagon modules, the design increases the performance of the facades with angles and shading devices that are responsive to the climatic conditions of Singapore. The whole structure becomes a complex interface of constantly changing visual and functional effects, such as colored side lighting and achieving deep texture with the volumetric balconies.

The tower features sky lobbies and a sky garden. Providing spectacular views of the city, they are an integral part of the tower’s sustainability. These lush green spaces provide a refuge from the city with the climate and vegetation naturally providing fresher, cleaner air.

UIC building UN Studio, mixed-use highrise, hexagonal facade, facade pattern, singapore architecture

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I think we can safely say that it is going to happen. The demolition of the old building is going on.

Accident occurs at former UIC building work site
Posted: 02 August 2012 1814 hrs

An accident occurred at a work site located at the former UIC building in Shenton Way on August 2, 2012. (YourNews contribution from Benson Lin)

SINGAPORE: An accident occured at the former UIC building construction site on Thursday evening.

The Ministry of Manpower said all workers were accounted.

One injured worker was sent to hospital.

Callers to the Channel NewsAsia hotline earlier said it seemed like a scaffolding had collapsed at the site.

Mr Jack Yu, a ship broker working at the DBS building opposite the construction site, said a loud boom was heard at around 4.40pm.

"It was a very loud bang, like boom, and then the ground shook for a while. The construction site has been there for the past month, so we are used to the hammering sound and things like that but suddenly when the loud boom - we thought something must have happened," he said.

"We noticed there was some smoke coming out, but it was actually dust, not actually smoke. When the dust has settled we noticed that half of the construction building that is being demolished had collapsed."

Mr Yu added that the accident caused shaking at the DBS building for a few seconds.

Joy Loh, a PR consultant who was also in the DBS building when the accident happened said her nerves were rattled by the accident.

"We were just having a meeting, and then we heard this loud rumbling noise, and a really loud 'voom'. It sounded like the building was going to collapse, so that was quite scary," she said.

Mr Yu said SCDF personnel and police arrived at the scene around 20 to 30 minutes later.

He added DBS building management has sent out an email to assure those in the building that the building is safe.

- CNA/wm

Several levels of UIC Building on Shenton Way collapse
Yahoo! Newsroom – 3 hours ago

The former six-storey carpark was undergoing demolition when four levels reportedly gave way. (Photo courtesy of Lee Wei De)

Part of the former UIC Building at 5 Shenton Way collapsed at about 4:40pm on Thursday. (Photo courtesy of Debbie Pereira)

The worksite accident at 5 Shenton Way caused an excavator to fall on its side. (Photo courtesy of Doran Lum)

UPDATED 2 August, 8:45pm: MOM issues stop work order for the worksite. Collapse said to be caused by accumulated debris against the rear of the building.

Part of the former UIC Building at Number 5 Shenton Way collapsed at about 4:40pm on Thursday.

The old building, said to be a former six-storey carpark, was undergoing phased demolition when four levels reportedly gave way and caused an excavator to fall on its side. The UIC Building is located opposite DBS Building.
Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) have confirmed that all 19 workers on-site have been accounted for. One injured worker was sent to the Singapore General Hospital before the SCDF team arrived.

Ministry of Manpower’s preliminary findings indicate that the collapse could have been caused by accumulated debris against the rear of the building. A stop work order has been issued.
Some people in buildings along Robinson Road, which is near the area, reported feeling tremors and hearing loud crashing noises between 4:35pm and 4:45pm.

An IT executive named Leo told Yahoo! Singapore that he felt a tremor from his office on the 18th storey of 77 Robinson Road at about 4:40 pm.

"The glass windows literally buckled inwards when the shockwave was sent out," said Thaddaeus Wee, 26, a legal intern who was at 7 Shenton Way when the incident happened.

"I heard a loud boom then the chair I was sitting on rolled and the walls shook."

Debbie Pereira, 24, PR executive, added, "It was a loud thud and the building I was in (DBS Tower Two) shook really badly and it felt as though it was an earthquake or something was falling down from the roof.”

“A huge cloud appeared and it took us a while to realise what had happened. The workers around that area were all trying to get to safety and had even attempted to get the rest who were stuck around the area.”

Yahoo! Singapore understands that the demolition project by East Height Engineering started about a month ago. A new condominium will be built in place of the former UIC Building.

MOM is now working closely with the Building and Construction Authority on the on-going investigation.

The accident follows a construction mishap two weeks back that left two foreign workers dead after an underground scaffolding collapsed at the construction site for the Downtown Line Bugis station.

Earlier on 16 July, a major fire took place at the East Village Hotel at Marine Parade, where construction work was also going on.


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I guess this is one of those towers where you have to wait until they are build to make a final judgement because the renders can't tell you a lot.

It will really depend on what kind of cladding they are using. A highly reflective one with a touch of chrome would be perfect for this one IMO.

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wow, extremely futuristic design!
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