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About The Project

Owner: Sisa Group
Employer: Sisa Group
Architectural Design: Korucuoğlu Architecture / Tümay Korucuoğlu
Static Project: Erol Baki Engineering
Mechanical Project: YMT Engineering
Electricity Project: Özay Engineering
Location: Cayyolu / Ankara / Turkey
Construction Site: 54.000,00 sqm
Project Date: 2016

Project Details

The aim of the project is to add a novelty and richness to the routine life of the city flowing rapidly on the Eskisehir Road which is growing and developing in Ankara. At the same time, considering the environment around the area, it is designed as a high-rise structure which includes commercial and residential functions together.

The street-shop concept was designed in the base. With the movements made on the facade while the mundane of the residential block is removed, the overall appearance of the basement is preserved. The integrity of the trading base was provided by a fringe, this fringe was seperated commercial and residential. However, the street-shops and residential block rising on it that are designed as architectural plastics are designed as a project that reveals the harmony of horizontal and vertical planes that are integrated with each other rather than being torn apart.

When the structure is examined on the scale of the city, it is settled in the city and experienced association with the citizens with the dynamic form as vertical, rich socializing places located in base as horizontal.


The crane at the rignt of the pic. On the top is written "Sisa Grup":

1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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