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Six Flags Great America

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who has been to 6 Flags G.A.? did u like it? what was your favorite ride?
I luv 6 flags, and my fav ride is Raging Bull.
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Yes...raging bull is my fav there too. Cedar Point is the roller coaster capital of the world. :righton:
Awesome. I had a pass like ten years ago. Iron Wolf was my favorite ride.
Did anyone go yet, this year? I want to see houw the waterpark feels like.

Most of the roller coasters are the best, but I like the old fashion carousel, lol.
We used to go on field trips there all the time when I was in junior high. Favorite ride was the American Eagle.
Yeah, has anyone gone to the waterpark side of it yet?
The waterpark is not open yet. I think there looking for next weekend to open it. I went by there on thursday and it didn't look done yet.

No one likes superman? I'd have to say superman and the bull are my fav's . But of course I love the eagle to. Only one I don't really care for is the wizzer.
I can see why the waterpark isnt open. Damn cool spring.

I haven't been to Six Flags since the Raging Bull opened a few years ago. I will probably go back eventually now that I live in Chicago ago. Very fun place
Used to go all the time, but I haven't been there since the Tidal Wave was the newest ride, which must have been two decades ago...
Btw.. I also like the Viper(the wooden roller coaster) and of course the water ones too.

Can't wait until the waterpark opens. Maybe, I have to go to Hotel and buy the 2 days tickets to play everything instead of the usual one day.

The waterpark is going to get businesses from Wisconsin dells, because this is closer than Wis dells.
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Azn_chi_boi said:
Btw.. I also like the Viper(the wooden roller coaster) and of course the water ones too.

Can't wait until the waterpark opens. Maybe, I have to go to Hotel and buy the 2 days tickets to play everything instead of the usual one day.

The waterpark is going to get businesses from Wisconsin dells, because this is closer than Wis dells.
Azn, I think the waterpark will compliment the Dells, more than compete with it. Let's face it: the Six Flags version is for a day trip. Nobody is going to be passing up a trip to the Dells because of it. Besides, so many of the best Dells water parks are now part of resort complexes, ones that should go completely unaffected by 6F. As for Noah's Ark, etc., I don't know.
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I drove by Six Flags yesterday on the way to Milwaukee, and there were a couple of cranes in the waterpark area, so it might be a bit longer before it opens. I wanted to stop and ride a coaster though! My favorite there is Viper.
guess what happen to me the last time i was at Six Flags...
i was riding Dejavu.and the seat belt came loose when the train was going through the first loop. You can imagine how scared i was. What if the second overhead restrain bar would have came up? if it did i would not be here right now talking to you all. :runaway:
other than that i like superman ultimate flight. i tought it can be a bit longer. it only last for just about a minute. I wish it was about 2 minutes like most rides are. my other favorite ride is the B&M orginal - Batman: the Ride....
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Seat belt came undone? :eek2:
well then, the bitch checking the seatbelts didn't check urs, it wasn't fastened, or u must have unfastened it sumhow. that must have been extremely scary!
i just went to the Six Flags great adventure last friday. it was supposed to be the supposed opening day for Kingda Ka (the world's fastest and tallest coaster), but they didn't run it because IT WAS RAINING.

oh well there were like no line whatsoever so i rode on all roller coasters without waiting a bit!
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nice pics, but this thread is about six flags great AMERICA in gurnee, IL, not six flags great ADVENTURE in new jersey ;)

now, as for great america, i'll give my opnions on the vaious roller coasters in chronologicl order:

whizzer (1976): oh how i love the whizzer. this was the 1st roller coaster i ever rode (well other than the little dipper at kiddieland out in melrose park) and to this day i still consider the whizzer to be a fine thrill machine. it's by no means the tallest or fastest or scariest or whatever, but it's a gem of a ride, and one of the last of its kind. it's a perfect "starter coaster" for the wee ones, and the way the dense foliage has enveloped the ride over the years makes night rides a special treat. gotta love the whizzer!

the demon (built as "turn of the century" in 1976, rebuilt and rebranded as "the demon" in 1980): nothing spectacular here, but this was the 1st roller coaster that ever spun me upside down, and when i was 8, the demon was one intimidating mother (anyone still remember that demon song they used to play when the ride 1st opened?). it may not be much by today's standards, but for the psychological torture this ride created for me back in the day, it'll always have a soft spot in my heart. and that first drop, despite its modest stature, is still quite a doozy if taken in the last car of the train.

american eagle (1981): a fun first 1/3, with the big drop and sustained speeds out to the helix turn around, but after that the ride kinda fizzles. it's simply over-braked. i remember the helix and bunny hill run back home being much faster and more exciting oh so many years ago when the ride was new. still, it has sentimental appeal as it was the biggest roller coaster of its day back in the early 80's.

iron wolf (1990): a great ride that hasn't aged well in my opinion. it was glass smooth when it first opened, but it's now quite jerky in spots (i've heard it's had foundation problems over the years which may contribute to the roughness), but not enough to ruin the entire ride for me. it's an insanely comapct little twister, where the elements seem to come non-stop (a feature of B&M coasters perfected on batman) and all twists turns and dives taken at full speed without brakes.

batman: the ride (1992): WOW, WOW, WOW. when this bad boy 1st opened it was "THE" coaster. it was so revolutionary and so perfectly engineered and so damn intense. the only fair criticism is that it's just too damn short, but that's simply an outgrowth of the break-neck speed with which it tears through its course. batman is the textbook definition of a smaller stature coaster that packs maximum thrills into compact layout. it's just a joy to ride coasters this well designed.

viper (1995): viper is loads of fun, and unlike its bigger wooden brother (the eagle), this baby is what wood coasters should be all about. sure, it's a cyclone clone, but but that double dip half-way through gives it just enough of a distinct ride to set it apart from all the others. viper definitively proves that bigger does not equal better.

raging bull (1999): another ride that i have a lot of praise for. easily the best 1st drop in the park, with the whip-lash like action that you get yanked over the edge with and then the 200 foot plummet into the tunnel at the bottom, it's just exhilirating. the rest of the ride with the big swooping hills, turns and drops, provides pure coaster fun. this ride kinda reminds of a whizzer on steroids. smooth, fun, interesting layout, a pure joy to ride, it's just taller, faster, more intense, etc.

vertical velocity (2001): a wonderful ride, and it helped make up for the loss of the tidal wave which was removed after 1991 to make way for batman. i love any kind of shuttle coaster that launches you straight out of the station. extreme accelration is fun. and that little stunt where the brakes catch you on the back spike for that second always catches me a little off-guard. speed is good, and this ride has plenty of it.

deja vu (2001): i think the only word that properly sums this one up is "chaos". getting hoisted up that vertical spikewhen you're face down and you fall into the shoulder harness is one of those rare moments where i get legitimately scared on a roller coaster. and the rest of that insanity machine is just nuts. it's certainly ain't the smoothest ride around, but it sure is fun, at least for a little while. i once rode it back to back to back to back without getting off (i was there on a special promotion day and there were no que lines for anything), and i was kinda loopy for the rest of the afternoon.

superman - ultimate flight (2003): fun. not as intense as i had hoped, but i guess the very nature of the riding position is going to limit up and down g forces to a degree. it seemed to kinda chug along the course as opposed to tearing it up like batman does. either way, this ride is a tremendous improvement over shockwave, which formerly occupied the site.

ragin cajun (2004): i have yet to ride this one.
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