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Six Flags Great America

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who has been to 6 Flags G.A.? did u like it? what was your favorite ride?
I luv 6 flags, and my fav ride is Raging Bull.
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Azn, I think the waterpark will compliment the Dells, more than compete with it. Let's face it: the Six Flags version is for a day trip. Nobody is going to be passing up a trip to the Dells because of it. Besides, so many of the best Dells water parks are now part of resort complexes, ones that should go completely unaffected by 6F. As for Noah's Ark, etc., I don't know.
Azn_chi_boi said:
Btw.. I also like the Viper(the wooden roller coaster) and of course the water ones too.

Can't wait until the waterpark opens. Maybe, I have to go to Hotel and buy the 2 days tickets to play everything instead of the usual one day.

The waterpark is going to get businesses from Wisconsin dells, because this is closer than Wis dells.
Has anyone been to Hurricane Harbor yet, and if so: how was it?

also, may I assume the 2-for-1 is only for this year and then the two parks will have seaprate admission?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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