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Six Flags Great America

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who has been to 6 Flags G.A.? did u like it? what was your favorite ride?
I luv 6 flags, and my fav ride is Raging Bull.
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Batman and Raging Bull are incredible.
I also like Demon because theres really no line ever.
Am. Eagle is a classic...more exciting than Viper.
Iron Wolf blows.
To scared to go on Deja Vu or Giant Drop.
V2 was freaky, but fun.
Superman....was OK.
The Skyneedle thing is can see the Chi skyline.
I almost died on the Shockwave.
Azn_chi_boi said:
so nobody went to Madi Grad land ?
I was pretty cool.
Azn_chi_boi said:
what happen?

is mardi gras land just took a couple of attraction form New Orlean Sq and repaint it and call it a new land or total new rides.?
a train was stuck at one part of the track...ours wasnt. Had they not stopped our train going on the huge incline and got the other one moving....our momentum from the huge dive and loops would make us crash with the stalled one. The stalled one was stuck 150 + feet in the air.

The Mardi Gras land is just a themed area like the fronteir one. They got some smaller rides.
Azn_chi_boi said:
I think its in Wisconsin Dells.

yeah, it think its Noahs Ark thats the biggest in America. I dont know about the world though. Im sure Dubai has the worlds biggest waterpark. Why wouldnt they? :)
oh yeah, I forgot about that rollercoaster. I heard it has the largest underground drop in the world...hence the name Hades. It also is wooden...which will make it more freakier.
1 - 6 of 58 Posts
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