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Six Flags Great America

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who has been to 6 Flags G.A.? did u like it? what was your favorite ride?
I luv 6 flags, and my fav ride is Raging Bull.
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I remember when i went to GA, in 92 i think well anyways the first year that batman opened and it was the first ride the pops and me waited for and it was an 1 and half wait by the time we got off the ride the line was something like 6 hours and wraped all the way to the front of the park. This was also the last time i rode my old favorite Shockwave which now i could only imagine i would hate as the cars they use are too small for my 6 3 frame.
edsg25 said:
Has anyone been to Hurricane Harbor yet, and if so: how was it?

also, may I assume the 2-for-1 is only for this year and then the two parks will have seaprate admission?
HH is not supposed to have a serperate admission.
1 - 2 of 58 Posts
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