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Six Flags Great America

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who has been to 6 Flags G.A.? did u like it? what was your favorite ride?
I luv 6 flags, and my fav ride is Raging Bull.
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Did anyone go yet, this year? I want to see houw the waterpark feels like.

Most of the roller coasters are the best, but I like the old fashion carousel, lol.
Btw.. I also like the Viper(the wooden roller coaster) and of course the water ones too.

Can't wait until the waterpark opens. Maybe, I have to go to Hotel and buy the 2 days tickets to play everything instead of the usual one day.

The waterpark is going to get businesses from Wisconsin dells, because this is closer than Wis dells.
How about that Madi Grad land that open last year, was it sucky or good??

(My last visit was in the summer of '03)
so nobody went to Madi Grad land ?
what happen?

is mardi gras land just took a couple of attraction form New Orlean Sq and repaint it and call it a new land or total new rides.?
ReddAlert said:
I almost died on the Shockwave.
wow.. thats a dramtic story. Sue the people now...
ReddAlert said:
a train was stuck at one part of the track...ours wasnt. Had they not stopped our train going on the huge incline and got the other one moving....our momentum from the huge dive and loops would make us crash with the stalled one. The stalled one was stuck 150 + feet in the air.

The Mardi Gras land is just a themed area like the fronteir one. They got some smaller rides.
yep, used to be the same company. Mostly exactly the same things in the same place.
Great pics... how was yr visit there? Can't wait until I go later in the summer.
I think its in Wisconsin Dells.
Lets say me from chicago...about an hour drive from six flags...should I use the hotels so I could of more time there (like 2 days) or rush everything in one day. It takes me barely a day to make it through everything in just the themepark only many of the times I visit there.

Btw... no need to recommend gurnee mills, the other outlet malls on the I-94 around there, or cheese places, because I usually go to there once a a result, I wouldnt need to go there if I was only going to six flags....

Also is there a map avaible with the hurricane harbor next to Great America?(like online or scanned)?
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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