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I must say I can't believe how many people don't really like Superman. I love that ride. I think the Bull and Superman are the best rides in the park. Batman is still great to though. I have yet to go on V2 and Deja Vu. Deja Vu has always been closed or broken down when I go.

As for Shockwave I did like that ride and was sad when it left. I think it started to lose a little as it aged. I remember going on it like 8 times in a row when I was little. The last time I went on it my vision went completely black at the peak of the first two loops. Kind of scary but I guess I still had fun. Maybe I'm just getting old now.

Man all this talk about Great America really makes me want to go bad. Didn't go at all last year. Can't do that ever again.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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