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What is Siza Vintage?
It's a limited edition collector's box, containing three different, innovative and contemporary views on the work of Pritzker Laureate architect Álvaro Siza Vieira through photography, text and illustration.

Each box contains fifteen 20x30cm photos by Rui Pedro Bordalo, fifteen texts by João Forjaz Mendes and one 20x30cm serigraphed illustration by Alex Gozblau

Our goal is to reflect on the challenges of contemporary architecture using the lessons learned from living in and relating to the earlier work of Siza Vieira, while at the same time explaining our ideas on the role of Architecture and it's importance as a social phenomenon in shaping urban imaginaries.

We will not show the buildings as perfect, crystallized elements, but rather as something the passage of time has allowed to settle in it's surrounding environment and become appropriated by the people who use it.

We have also set up a crowdfunding campaign on indiegogo to help finance the project, so if you'd like to get one of the boxes, just contribute!

With kind regards,
João Mendes
Rui Pedro Bordalo

Portugal Pavilion
© Rui Pedro Bordalo

Oporto University Faculty of Architecture
© Rui Pedro Bordalo

Borges & Irmão Bank Agency
© Rui Pedro Bordalo

Swimming Pool of the Tides
© Rui Pedro Bordalo
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