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I have recently re-discovered Melbourne's historic “sky signs” - those neon signs usually positioned on the tops of buildings to advertsise a brand. Sky signs were very big during and after the 1930's and Melbourne has several which are heritage listed (or at least have interim protection from removal). I took most of these shots a few weeks ago.

Of course, I would not only love some more info on these if anyone knows anything, but would love to see what exists in our other citys and regional centres too! (Also, any night pics with them lit would be lovely - all of Melbourne's seem to be switched off at night).

Anyway, I hope this is of interest?

SKIPPING GIRL, Victoria Street, Abbotsford (no protection)

(The black and white is the original in 1968)

SLADE KNITWEAR, Dover Street, Richmond (Interim Protection)

This is a difficult one to photograph since Dover Street is so narrow!

NYLEX CLOCK, Cremorne, Richmond (Heritage Listed)

Under restoration as we speak!

PELACO, Goodwood Street, Richmond (Heritage Listed)

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