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Skyline Design Game | Your Designs

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Skyline by ukcornishman, on Flickr
Here is mine. Try it out here:

Thanks to willrocks10 for telling me about this link :)
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I remember this - it's been around since 2010. ;) It's good to be reminded of it, though.
I don't think I ever saved any of my old designs, I might give it another go just now...
Design London's Skyline

I am sure some of you already know this tool from my signature, but for those who haven't, it's worth a try.

It is a tool where add or delete buildings from London's Skyline.
Thanks to willrocks10 for telling me about this link :)
My Pleasure!
could an admin please close this thread (sorry will) to stop multiple threads on the same subject? I made a thread in May.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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