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Here are highrise development maps from SkyscraperPage. When the page loads, you can click the "Built" checkbox on the left side of the page to see all existing highrises in the city as well.

The maps are quite up to date in terms of what projects they include, but if anyone notices anything that needs to be added or changed please post it, thanks! :) Locations of unmarked projects would be particularly useful.

Toronto - (IE users be wary with this one, Chrome or Firefox is recommended)

Vancouver -

Calgary -

Edmonton -

Montréal -

Ottawa -

Halifax -

Victoria -

Surrey -

Mississauga -

Richmond -

Markham -

Waterloo -

Burnaby -

Laval -

Vaughan -

London -

Richmond Hill -

Langford -

Regina -

Nanaimo -

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Canadians cites are booming. 288 in T.O, 64 in Van, 49 in Calgary etc and comparatively 74 in NYC. Though buildings in NYC are generally much bigger =P

Also 288 doesn't include whats happening in the GTA which is more than whats happening in the metro areas of any other NA city =)

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According to the stats Dubai is in second place behind Toronto with 82 projects. Even if you only count the U/C projects Toronto still holds top spot with 119 u/c at the moment. Compare that ith the 23 NYC has on the go right now. Dubai also has 25 on hold where as Toronto has one with a confirmed Feb restart date.
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