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When we discuss exciting progress of modern skyscraper and urban developments we should not forget our technologies and knowledge of constructing magnificent cities owe their origins in the ancient world. That's why I open the post to discuss the achievements done by our ancestors.

If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants
-Issac Newton, quotes from more ancient Western metaphor

list of skyscrapers in the ancient world
The Great Pyramids
The Lighthouse of Alexandria
The Colosseum
The Porcelain Tower of Nanjing

Ancient metropolis (West)
Memphis (Egypt)
Athens (ancient Greece)
Rome (capital city of Roman Empire, first city to reach 1 million people in the 2nd century AD, first true metropolis)
Alexandria (Greece-Rome, important port of trade and R&D center of the Classical Antiquity)
Constantinople (only great city in Europe during Dark Age and Medieval period)
Baghdad (capital city of the great Arab empire, 300k-500k people)

Ancient metropolis (East)
Chang'en (modern Xi'an, capital city of Han Empire, Tang Empire, first Chinese metropolis to reach 1 million people at ~7th century AD at the height of Tang empire)
Kaifeng and Lin'an (modern Hangzhou, capital city of the Song empire)
Nianjin (capital city of early Ming Empire)
Peking (modern Beijing, capital city of Ming Empire-modern China)

ancient city planning innovations
aqueducts, drainage and sewers
grid streets
high rise apartments
shopping malls
city walls

ancient construction materials
bricks (since Mesopotamia)
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