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Hmm, Why do we not see any Singapore banners hanging on top? No one made them or they just didn't put it up? :eek:hno:
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No one made them I guess ;-)
There actually were one or two Singapore banners that went online a long long time ago, I recall. Because people here worked on it ;-)
I only saw one with the infrared effect. I'm willing to make some banners, anyone kind enough to contribute pictures? :)
i tot our professionals:) have taken alot of those?u cant just edit them?

i suck at editing though....
photoshop lor, lol..

need permissions to use pictures mahh..
^^ I would be surprised if all our many fine top of the line Singapore photographers would deny you permission to make a banner of their pics, raptorsuperb. :yes:

I'm more than ready for a new Singapore banner myself. :banana:
Yeah, maybe you guys choose a nice picture by any of our professionals, then I'll help in the editing.
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