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[SLO] Slovenia | road infrastructure • Slovenske avtoceste


A1 Ljubljana–Maribor–Austria (A9)

A1 Ljubljana–Koper (H5) & Nanos (H4)–Postojna–Ljubljana

A2, H1 Ljubljana–Austria (A11): 2007 & 2009

A2, H1 Ljubljana–Croatia (A3) & Croatia–Ljubljana

A3 Divača (A1)–Italy (RA14)

A4 Maribor–Ptuj (video) & Ptuj–Maribor (photos)

A5 Maribor–Hungary (M70)

G1-3, A5 Maribor–Hungary (86)

H2 Expressway through Maribor

H3 Northern Ljubljana bypass: eastbound & westbound

H4 Nanos (A1)–Nova Gorica–Italy (RA17/A34) & Nova Gorica–Nanos

H5 Italy (SS15/NSA326)–Koper (H6)

H6, G2-111 Koper (H5)–Izola–Portorož–Croatia (D200)

H7 Lendava (A5)–Hungary (86)

G2-104 Ljubljana Tomačevo (H3)–Ljubljana Črnuče

Ljubljana Ring (A1, A2, H3): clockwise & counterclockwise

G1-6 Croatia (A7)–Postojna (A1)

G1-7 Rijeka, Croatia (D8)–Kozina (A1)–Trieste, Italy (SS14)

G1-9 Croatia (A2)–Ptuj

G1-11 Koper–Croatia (D21)

G2-106 Ljubljana–Kočevje

Let's take a ride on Slovenian highways! :)

The Slovenian road network consists of 543 km (338 mi) of motorways/freeways and 83 km (52 mi) of 4-lane expressways:

You can find more information on
For a more "local" thread about Slovenian motorways click Avtoceste ARHIV/Motorways ARCHIVE.

I'll start with the Ljubljana Ring, a 4-lane ringroad, surrounding the Slovenian capital Ljubljana, a city of 260,000 inhabitants and my hometown. :) Its length is almost 30 km (18 mi), of which 20 km (12 mi) is motorway/freeway (general speed limit 130 km/h (80 mph)), and the remaining 10 km (6 mi) is expressway (general speed limit 100 km/h (62 mph)). The first part of it was put in traffic in 1981, and it was finished in 1999. The photos of it were all taken today by me. :)

Thanks for this map to our forumer Chire! :) A1 and A2 are motorways/freeways ("A" stands for "avtocesta" = motorway/freeway in Slovenian), H3 is the 4-lane expressway ("H" stands for "hitra cesta" = expressway in Slovenian). The A2 motorway/freeway between the Ring and Šentvid (5.5 km) will be put in traffic next year. With its completion the expressway network of Ljubljana will be finished. :)

Let's go... Sorry for the bad picture, they will improve, I just wanted to show you where I started. I started in the northeastern corner of the Ljubljana Ring, at the interchange Zadobrova, between H3 and A1, heading to the A1 (also E57 and the V. (5th) Pan-European Transport Corridor), and starting on the eastern bypass. :)

Joining A1 from Maribor and Graz.


Sorry for the unclear picture, just wanna show you sign, pointing to my neighborhood - Ljubljana-Moste. :)

A nice, short bridge over the Ljubljanica River. :)

2 km to interchange Malence ("razcep" = interchange). Watch out for the radar, no more than 100 km/h. :)

We're turning right, to the southern bypass (A1, A2, E70, Corridors V and X (10)). :)

We joined A2 from Novo mesto and Zagreb and are heading towards west. Note a mistake: we're not on E61 yet. :)

90 km (56 mi) to the Karavanke Tunnel, linking Slovenia with Austria and Germany. :)

2200 m to interchange Kozarje, 1500 m to Ljubljana-zahod ("zahod" = west in Slovenian, and toilet in Croatian :D).

Rest area Barje.

No, we're not going to toilet. :D

We're going right (obviously :)).

We joined highway from Koper and Trieste, and are now on the western bypass (A2, E61, Corridor X).

Sorry... :D

The Alps... :)

A construction site because of building the remaining part of A2 between the Ring and the motorway for Austria and Germany.

If the motorway was already finished, we would turn left for Austria.

We left the A2 motorway and are continuing on the H3 expressway. As there was no sign for its beginning :crazy: (only "H3"), I'm showing you sign for its end. :)

The color of signs turned from green to blue.

This part of the Ring is from 1981, and there are some eyesores. :)

Exit for Kranj and Villach, 3 km of 4-lane road with intersections through the city, until you reach motorway. We're continuing straight forward on the northern bypass (still H3), and therefore leaving the E61 and Corridor X. These were the last 2 km of the H3 expressway, still transit (until the new motorway is completed).


Camp Ježica.

Say hello to Slovenia's tallest building, World Trade Center, built in 1993 (72 m :)).



Exit for a 2-km 4-lane expressway for Trzin.

Under the Tomačevo Roundabout.


These three loonies in front of me were pissing me off with their 80 km/h, but I didn't wanna overtake them, too occupied with taking photos...

A Hungarian trucker pissed off. :D

1500 m to interchange Zadobrova.

We're turning right...

...and ending our journey where we started (not particularly better picture though :D).

This is it. :)


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Nice roads and the pavement seems fresh on most of them, are they new or just recently maintained?

The sign says 80, is this because of the tunnel or thats the speed limit generally?
All those on the pictures are relatively old, but well maintained! 80 km/h is because of the tunnel and the interchange, normally it is 130 km/h outside of tunnels.

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Some tips for road photography:

* Use the most optical zoom as available, so you not get the car interior. This made it possible so shoot even pics from the back seat without getting the interior on it.
* DO NOT use digital zoom!
* Leave the camera on automatic
* Try to shoot pics on days with as much daylight as possible, this way you don't get so many blurred pics.
* The winter/spring/fall period is not so good, because the low sun, and the less light. The more light you got the better the pics will be.
* Do not use the flasher! Other people will be distracted, think it will be a speed camera, or even become angry.
* It is safer to take pics as a passenger, and try to avoid taking pics while driving at busy roads. Traffic safety must come first.
* Driving south makes the most pics overlighted. Driving North on a clear day is the best. Drive west in the morning, east in the afternoon, because of the sunlight.

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Pilotos: Only the eastern section with the tunnel was completed in 1999. The rest was completed by 1988.

Verso: Yeah, the new regulation prescribing exit numbering came into force a couple of months ago. It also eliminated some inconsistencies in the signage system and further unified it with the European standard. But the exit numbers have been put on the signs rather unaesthetically, unfortunately..

By the way, nice pics!

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very nice verso:), some pics are a bit shaky but next time will be better i'm sure.. :cheers:

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^^He would have done much better pictures if he didn't take then at the end of the day. ;)
Just a little more light needed for the pics to be perfect.
Exactly. I regret for being too lazy to get my butt on the road earlier in the day. Yesterday I went to take photos of a local expressway at even LATER time than on monday, and they ALL turned out shaky. All those kilometers and money for the gas for nothing! :wallbash:

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^^ do you have the camera set on auto?

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The Ljubljana-Črnuče Expressway Bypass (G104)

As a supplement to the expressway network of Ljubljana serves a short, almost 2-km 4-lane expressway, passing by a Ljubljana district Črnuče. It's designated as G104 ("G" stands for "glavna cesta" = highway / main road (looking internationally, it isn't important though); "G" doesn't appear on signs, only "104"). It isn't designated as H*, because only a very short part of the G104 road is expressway. It was put in traffic in 1981. I took the pictures yesterday.

Let's begin... Don't be surprised, if cars in front of me suddenly disappear from the next picture, I namely drove more than once on the road to get better photos. :) I started at the interchange between the H3 expressway and G104, reconstructed as roundabout in 1996.

Approaching the Tomačevo Roundabout.

In the roundabout... :)

The "end" of Ljubljana (but just because we're on expressway ;)).

Crossing the almost 1,000-km-long Sava River.

But in Ljubljana it isn't wide yet (no, I don't lock myself in car, the button is fu*ked up :lol:).

Really doesn't feel like in a city here...

The end. :)

In Ljubljana "again". ;) From here on the road continues with 4 lanes for another 5 km, but with intersections, through urban area, and with a speed limit of 70 km/h (43 mph).

A few more, random photos. Going in the other direction (approaching the expressway).

Back in the Tomačevo Roundabout.

This is not the G104, but H3. We're obviously getting new type of arrows.

Let's hope not many road tankers will crash here. :)

All Slovenian motorways/freeways and expressways are video monitored. However, they won't fine you in case you speed, it may only be used in investigating car accidents.


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Nice pictures, man!

I noticed that in some European countries they put extra signage on motorways. For instance, "give way" and "only straight" on the on-ramp and "no right turn" to prohibit entering the on-ramps from the motorway (i.e. wrong way). To me it really seems unnecessary.

I also noticed that some signs have yellow background ("give way") and some signs have white (speed limit). Unlike in Slovenia, in Baltic and some Scandinavian countries, if they use yellow background, then they use it for all signs.
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