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Slovakia - info about commieblock systems

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do somebody have some more info about slovak commieblocks? On this forum I see just exterior photos, but I'd like to know much more about them - construction details, floor plans, photos taken during the construction, interior photos, typical defects of some building types...

I study civil engineering first year, and when we learned about panel construction systems, I found out that my dream job is reconstruction of commieblocks, I just love these buildings :) But problem is, that professor told us only about two systems - P1.14 and P1.15 and just mentioned older BA-NKS, that's all. On the internet I haven't found anything, just names of systems and few pages about reconstruction. I also haven't heard about any book, where panel systems are described. I'm even not sure what type of building I'm living in, what a shame... (built probably in 1986, 8 floors, external walls made of porous concrete, walls between kitchen and loggia made of wood/glass-wool - could it be BA-NKS? I think so...) Few weeks ago I also found out, that right under my window of boarding house in Bratislava is the oldest panel house in whole Czechoslovakia, but I don't know anything more about it, I'd love to see at least some plans...

As I know, systems used in Slovakia were:
1955: T11, T12, T13, T16
1955-1960: T02B, T03B
1960-1970: BA, G-57, T06B, T07B, T08B, T09B, ZT, ZTB, Bauring-Camus, B70, BA-NKS, P1.14, P1.15, P1.24

If you have some info or pictures of some of these systems, please post it here, I'll appreciate it ;) But if there's someone from neighbouring countries, who knows a lot about some system used in his/her country, I'll be also glad to see it here.
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good looking for your future goal to reconstruct commies in Slovakia. I am not able to help you on czech-slovak public housing systems, but here in Germany an institute at TU Berlin is existing which is highly focused on reconstruction of east german commie types. They have catalogued all the problems occurring when reconstructing a certain type.

Unfortunatlly the website is in german, but it seems that this institutes is internationally incorporated. So just try to send them your questions.

Thanks for your reply, it could be interesting site if I understood something :)

But yesterday I spent almost all day on Google and I finally found some info about our systems! It's not too much, but better than nothing, at least there are photos and floorplans, so I was able to identify few commies in my town - but still not mine... The problem is, that newer systems had many alternative floorplans and designs, and there is just one typical design of every system in this publication...

So here it is:
ahoj peeto,

I have found a somewhat interesting book for you in the library of my university. It is a about the commieblock neighbourhoods of Bratislava and Vienna. But the bonus of this book is that all types of blocks which have been built in Bratislava (and Vienna) are presented. There is existing a follow up of this book which concerns the renovation of Bratislava-Petrzalka. There you go (maybe your local library offers this book):
That book looks really great... Don't you know, if it's only in german, or if it was translated to english or slovak? Because 40 Euro seems to be quite much for 275-page book, I wouldn't buy it just to see the pictures...

By the way - few days ago I bought another interesting book - "Reconstruction of apartment buildings built to 1970" ( ) But second part (about commies built after 1970 - that's even more interesting for me) is out of stock and it seems that there will be no new edition, so I'll have to find it somewhere in library.
My library only has this book in german :(

I would try to send an email to

It seems that she is head of some projects running in Austria and Slovakia concerning the renovation of commieblocks. At least she could give further information about commie-systems used in Slovakia (or tell you sources to consult).

best wishes
what about these (maybe you already know them):

Prof. Zuzana Sternová seems to be a very important person in this progress of renovation in slovakia. maybe you could contact her.
pictures from my trip last month through the western part of Slovakia:

Považská Bystrica


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