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Wen't down into London the other day, planned to go on Wensday but the weather was poor. Wasnt much better on Thursday, but i thought London would provide more than enough enjoyment.

First of all went up, the bell tower at Westminster Cathedral. About 300ft up I think.

Quite a bit of construction going on there near Victoria. Wondered what that ugly excuse for a grey tower was called, seemed very big from ground level.

A few nice flats round ere

other pics were a bit dissapointing really, you could see much more with your eyes than my Casio QV-40 :( including Canary Wharf, Gherkin, St Pauls) T42 was blocked, but LBT would be very clear from the bell tower :)

Decided to go to Greenwich, as I hadn't been there since I was young. Got the Jubilee from Westminster, was lots of Armed Police around New Scotland Yard.

Got to Greenwich, tis a nice place, lots of bookshops selling everything for £2. But the visibillity had got even worse :( You can just about see the imposing cluster rising majestically. The very old, meged with the very new.

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