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Smart Light Sydney Walk

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Smart Light is a nightlife festival showcasing works by locals and abroad to promote clever designs, innovative technologies while managing energy efficiency.

Owners of office towers in the vicinity of venues have been encouraged to turn off their lights at night to reinforce the illumination of presentations and sculptures.

Museum of Contemporary Arts

Street performers at front of Musem of Contemporary Arts

Square fronting the Customs House

Inside Customs House...

Custom House's atrium

Bennalong Point

some random shots...

more to come...
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These are great! Sydney is awesome!

Love that shot. :) The Opera House looks great. Hope I can see it like that too!
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I take that this is part of vivid??? I have been impressed with the illuminated artworks on the opera house. Nice to see it as the focal point of the festival.

Disappointing that major office towers havent turned their lights off and tried to see if they could match other city buildings.
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