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Sofia 2012

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Here are few fresh photos from Bulgaria's capital city. And I'll keep updating this place with more pics throughout the year :)

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Wonderful! Lovely!
beautiful new photos from Sofia....thanks for sharing.:cheers:
Great, very nice new photos from Sofia :cheers:'s not very often that you can see photos of this beautiful city.
Beautiful city!
The famous Boyana Church - home of unique to Europe frescoes, that for first time were drawn in realistic three dimensional style, before the Renaissance in Italy even began. The church dates back to the 11-13 century AD. Photographing inside is not allowed, so the pics are only from outside...

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The Former Royal Palace, now an art gallery.

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Downtown. At the distance you can see the Sveta Nedelya (Holy Sunday) church, which was originally build around the 10th century but has been destroyed and reconstructed many time since. The current look dates back to 1863.

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