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Sofia, Bulgaria

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Visit the March 2005 Sofia tour by braykov1988
well I couldn't find the thread of Sofia, so I just copied/paste its clone from the Euroskyline section, keep in mind it's almost a year old:

And now the Synagogue, which I think is among the largest in Europe, it dates back to the beggining of the 20th century:

What did it look like in Sovietic times? here you go:



Here's a link to a webcam:
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Sofia Today - in figures

* Territory - 1310 sq km
* Height above the sea level - 550 m
* Population - 1,220,000
* Population density - 907 people per sq km
* Average age of population 38.3 years


* Number of units - 475,900
* Utilised area - 30 sq km
* Living area per person - 15.1 sq m
* Centrally-heated housing units - 437,000
* Length of the water supply net - 2657 km
* Length of the drainage net - 822 km
* Length of electricity net - 7823 km
* Telephone lines - 408,000

Street net

* Lenght - 2670 km
* Area 28.126 sq km

Green zones

* Number - 2810
* Area in hectares - 5,441
* Green zones per person - 48.7 sq km
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Sofia through the Centuries

Founded seven thousand years ago, Sofia is the second oldest city in Europe. It has been given several names in the course of history and the remnants of the old cities can still be seen today.

Serdika was the name of the central dwelling of the ancient Thracian tribe known as “Serdi”. It bore that name when it became part of the Bulgarian state at the beginning of the ninth century and was soon recognised as one of the most important feudal towns, acquiring the Slavic name Sredets.

Near Sofia lies Boyana church, which is one of the most valuable memorials of Bulgarian and European culture. The church boasts frescoes, acclaimed by specialists as “the best examples of eastern mediaeval art during its twelve century history”.

The decline of Sofia during the Ottoman Empire was followed by the rejuvenation after the liberation in 1879, when Sofia was chosen as the capital of Bulgaria at the First National Constituent Assembly. The plans of 1881-1882 were followed by a brisk and straight-forward period of construction.

In 1900 the City Council approved the emblem of Sofia and the motto “It Grows but Does not Age”.

During the years of the totalitarian regime (9 September 1944 - 10 November 1989) Sofia became the major national economic, academic and cultural centre. From its years of socialist growth, however, the capital inherited a great deal of problems, which are at present the priorities of the democratically - elected council of Sofia.

In 1992, in honour of the celebration of St. Sofia the Martyr, the Government chose September 17th as the Day of Sofia. The flag of Sofia Municipality was also consecrated on that day.
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EDIT: well I'll delete the new pics I found and let Mila post them
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nice! braykov showed some nicer parts but I guess this is what tourists get to see.
did you make those photos?
aren't these the same photos as in the thread I opened the other day? :?
I hope not. :) Because it took me 45 minutes to do all this. :D

And I just checked, they are. :( ****.

I didn't even notice there was a Sofia thread.

Oh well. :D At least this one looks pretty. :)
well I'll combine them all, because I dislike seeing multiple threads on the same city, and since I'll be making the Your Cities list right now, I'll look for the old Sofia thread.
But I like your thumbnails version better, I'll keep this post instead
nice, some are familliar.
just a few corrections, the first series in 3tmk's post is full of disgracefully old soc pictures (no one is to blame, except the idiot who's responsible for updating the official sofia webpage!). like the map from the early 70's (I have the same one at home) or this picture
early 80's
- lol
this one is obsolete, the square now has a more retro appeal:

Mila's pictures are great and more up to date, however the first "panorama" is really a shame...

I promise to make another tour with my cam and shoot some nice pictures, sofia is not exactly photogenic but I'll do my best ;)
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3tmk, is there a way to incorporate my march thread somewhere in here without making this thread overloaded with pictures? a link would do, but I can't finded with the search optio disabled
here it is:
I'll add it to the first post and add your comment too, because you're right, people will think Bulgaria is still a commie state with no western cars :D
^ Western cars are for pussies. ;)

Live dangerously, drive a Yugo!
^^^that's the spirit! how much ladas can you count here zhiguli, the true muscle car! one full turn and you get muscle fatigue for the rest of the day...

btw I like the soc pics,give a picture of what life was like among those fading colour buildings and scarce soviet cars
great photos, thanks Mila!
btw braykov do you know what the statue is about on the 4th pic?
ah and one last thing, my plan backfired, I merged them together as to not get too messy and have one decent Sofia thread, but instead it's so empty that there are only pictures and we cannot get to page 2! lemme think a little for a solution
^ The fourth pic is taken at Sofia City Hall, if that helps you at all. :)
thanks, I didn't think you would know ;)
I wonder what does the statue commemorate, I can't figure out what's written on the pedestal.
but this makes me think about a Sofia monument thread. or Bulgaria, or EE monument thread!
Hahaha... :) "First Sofia...then the WORLD! Muahahahahaha!" :D
I had seen Sofia before so i pretty much have an idea , beautiful city without a doubt.
My dad has been to Sofia many years ago , he also went to Varna which he liked a lot , he spoke highly of Varna.
Football Rules said:
he also went to Varna which he liked a lot , he spoke highly of Varna.
now that's just sucking up to me :D
but I have to say that braykov's photothread helped a lot, because I myself am not well acquainted with the city, I've been there mostly for the airport, and know few people from there, and most of the time I just stayed overnight, I haven't really visited the city as a tourist the way I did in Veliko Tarnovo per example. of course Tarnovo has to be seen by anyone that visits Bulgaria.
and Varna is the Pearl of the Black Sea, our sea capital. and Varnentsi are pretty arrogant, maybe even more than Sofians :D
actually for Sofia, I've always wondered what is exactly considered the "CBD" of the city? I know it isn't as well demarcated as in american or australian cities where it's been pretty much planned, but with the advent of capitalism, in what part of the city did businesses set up their offices?
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