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That empire sign has been replaced, unfortunately.
That empire sign has been replaced, unfortunately.
By what? It seems that London is loosing all of its neon. First the Regent Palace than this.

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More on the Chopping block.

On the train home this evening I saw a very small article in the Evening Standard saying that plans have been submitted for approval to Westminster council to turn Walkers Court in Soho into offices. People can say it's sleazy and seedy - but doesn't this just further sanitise another area of London?

Love it or loathe it, this is part of the character of Soho. I'm quite happy with a number of the changes in Soho over the years. The area used to be rife with drug dealers and prostitutes and wasn't all that safe until the 90's. On the whole, Soho strikes a good balance now between being edgy, bohemian and a place with good clubs, bars and restaurants. But Walkers Court is probably the last remnant of the old Soho. It is hardly dangerous anymore and just adds a slightly risque vibe to the area.

I can't actually find the article online, but if anyone comes across more info on these plans then post in here.

Walker's Court Soho
by Matt From London, on Flickr

"Porn Alley" (Walker's Court), Berwick Street, Soho by Luke Robinson, on Flickr

pw008-18 by Lloyd Davis, on Flickr
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1 - 20 of 35 Posts
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