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Good topic, RIP to Elman, and bless his daughter.

Fatima Jibrel

Spurred on by the Somali Civil War that began in 1991, Jibrell along with her husband and family friends co-founded the Horn of Africa Relief and Development Organization, colloquially referred to as Horn Relief, a non-governmental organization (NGO) of which she is the Executive Director. Horn Relief describes its mission as: "supporting sustainable peace and development in Somalia through grassroots capacity building, youth development, promotion of human rights and women's leadership, and protection of the environment."

Jibrell was instrumental in the creation of the Women’s Coalition for Peace to encourage more participation by women in politics and social issues. She also co-founded Sun Fire Cooking, which aims to introduce solar cookers to Somalia so as to reduce the reliance on charcoal as a fuel.

For her efforts against environmental degradation and desertification, Fatima was awarded in 2002 the Goldman Environmental Prize, the most prestigious grassroots environmental prize. In 2008, she also won the National Geographic Society/Buffett Foundation Award for Leadership in Conservation. -- Source
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