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Some London pics.

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I hope you enjoy!

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Fantastic pictures taken in a thrilling city. Your attention to detail is wonderful too. Thanks for sharing them with us!!
Great! In what area were those pics of the small streets and alleys taken?
fantastic mate, I just love those eensy teensy mews houses, that go for a $1million a pop bless'em.

Youve really caught the texture of the city there.

And I love the light in this. Noone ever notices the statues on the buildings do they? I think the silver surfer would get a hardon ;).

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Lovely pix. Many thanks.
Thank you, I love London....This forum needs more pics from there...
London is a fascinating city; always sharing something new with you. Often it is a feast for the eyes!!
my favourite place, just Love it
1 - 20 of 24 Posts
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